Engraved Series Cock Rings

Gear Essentials™

Not all men are created equal. But our stunning engraved cock rings will ensure that your uniqueness stands out.  Each is meticulously handcrafted of the finest solid stainless steel and hand-etched—so express yourself! These represent our most commonly ‘gifted’ cock rings and are available in four designs:

Imperial Cock Ring with Barbwire or Tribal designs

Bandwidth:  .62 inches (15.75 mm)
Weight:  Approximately 6.05 ounces (171.51 grams)

Master Cock Ring with Celtic design

Bandwidth:  .6 inches (15.24 mm)
Weight:  Approximately 8.05 ounces (228.21 grams)

Omega Cock Ring (gear essentials’ heaviest cock ring) with Wings design

Bandwidth:  .6 inches (15.24 mm)
Weight:  Approximately 11.02 ounces (312.41 grams)


(Want to see what it looks like on? Check out our blog for more! But remember--NSFW!)
Reviews for Engraved Series Cock Rings
4.7 out of 5, based on 9 reviews
Robert from Dallas, TX on Oct 30, 2014
I just received my Omega Wings. This is my third Gear Essential cock ring. This was a replacement for one that had been stolen and I just had to have it back. I love the thickness and the weight. This is a heavy ring, feels very comfortable, but you need to order the correct size. My first parter using it was very happy when we got done. The product is well worth the price because of design and construction. This ring is not some cheap mass produced piece of pipe that is cut up. Once you buy one you will be hooked on the products. Beyond they quality products, the customer service is outstanding! Jay thank you for all of your assistance. You have a customer for life.

Response from GearEssentials
Nov 06, 2014
Robert--thank you for the great review. You are very welcome for the assistance--it was our pleasure. I'm glad we found the right size and you have a favorite ring back in your life. I know you will keep ENJOYING!
David from Brooklyn on Apr 07, 2014
Just received the "Wings" engraved cockring -- it's awesome. The metal finish is amazing, and the engraved design is really elegant. With its hefty weight, the feel of this one is fantastic. Important to get the right fit on this one - gravity is a factor here, so you'll want it pretty tight. And you'll never want to take it off!
Dennis from Tusket, N.S. on Mar 25, 2014
I love the weight and the design this cock ring and hope to get more .
Jimmie from US on Mar 21, 2014
Wonderful Celtic cock ring. Best fit ever. very good weight and feel. Thanks
Michael J from Minneapolis on Mar 13, 2014
I just submitted a review on the Master ring page, where I gave it 5 stars for the weight and fit. I was going to give the Celtic engraved version only 4 stars because of the price, but I just re-read this review after I typed it and I've changed my mind: 5 stars it is!

I'd had my eye on some of the engraved ones for awhile, but never thought I'd spend the money. A recent sale swayed me. The Celtic design really is gorgeous and it makes an impressive ring that much more attractive. The engraving is flawless and the ring itself is perfect.

None of these engraved rings are for guys new to c-rings, both because they are heavier and because they require a larger investment than a beginner probably wants to make. But this is my tenth ring from Gear and it's near the top of my list. Haven't taken it off yet.
Jim Clayton from United States on Feb 06, 2014
Great design and fit. Looks really hot, however, it is a bit thich and heavy. I would like a thiner and lighter version.
Response from GearEssentials
Feb 07, 2014
Jim--thanks for the review. This ring is based on an Imperial which is slightly over 6 ounces (171 grams) so it is on the heavier side. A lot of guys (& their partners) LOVE the added weight for the added stability & power (to the thrust). Give it a few days--you might surprise yourself by how much you start to enjoy it!
Ed from New Hope, PA on Jan 06, 2014
While this is a nice cock ring with weight, it tends to be a snugger fit. I got the 2" but was just a bit too tight. I also ordered the next size up which fits much better but that one is really heavy and much wider metal.
I think both would be better if they were not so thick.
JB from Texas on Sep 24, 2013
Nice fit, stays snug despite the weight. I like the finish and Celtic engraved finish. Much better look than a lot of plated c-rings.
Dave from Eastern Washington on Sep 03, 2013
Amazing fit and looks great and no defects. Looks exactly like the picture and is comfortable. The size ordered fits well. I highly recommend this product. YEEHAW