Solo Sex in the age of coronavirus:  finding pleasure in Butt Plug, Cockring, Ball Stretcher and Shaft Ring


It's another hump day and you're dreaming back to the days when you could hump freely. But you know that your imagination is a very powerful tool. In fact, it is probably your largest sex organ. (And indispensable in this time of coronavirus.)

You've got a butt plug gently rubbing against your prostate, a ball weight stretching out your nads, a cock ring keeping your junque pumped and a shaft ring adding that extra girth. To top it all off, you put a blindfold on. You are descending completely into your imagination and the sex is great!


Solo Sex in the age of coronavirus: 
Legs spread & ready for pleasure in
Butt Plug, C Ring, Ball Stretcher & Shaft Ring


I love all of these things individually; put them all together and get ready for sensory overload! 

I think the foundational piece is the rigid metal cock ring. It keeps the blood flow in your cock so you stay thicker and fuller--even when flaccid. This is the first step to better sex. 

Then I add the ball weight. I've listed the benefits of a ball stretcher in other blogs but I will say that I love the tug and twist on my nads as I move through my day (especially amazing on the elliptical at the gym). I also get off on the delayed orgasm and bigger load when I cum. 

Then I pop in the butt plug. If you haven't tried it, let your fear go. Get the right size, warm up your ass with a well-lubed finger and slip that tool up there. It teases and massages your prostate so you have the sensation of multiple orgasms. If you play it right it moves while you jack your cock. The sensation will make your eyes roll back in your head.

Lastly, the shaft ring. These need to be snug not to slip off when you're flaccid (and that's okay--your dick is very spongy at this point so it's highly unlikely that you'll cause any damage). But a shaft ring gives an extra pump to your dick. Just like a cockring, blood flows in and isn't allowed to fully escape. You will also notice that you are more sensitive to every stroke or touch on your dick.

If you have to have sex all by yourself, this isn't a bad way to do it. With the blindfold on you are trapped with just your imagination; there are few distractions. It will allow you to focus in on the pleasure your hands and toys are giving you. Get lost in the sensations.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





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I love how some guys have no issues with self pleasure. Life is short and we all deserve to be happy. Who isn’t happy when their sexual desires are fulfilled? Take time to pleasure yourself and be proud of it.

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