Social Distancing Sex:  Better Jack in the Fleshskin Grip


During these times of "social distancing" it's nice to find a creative way to enjoy sexual release. Let's face it, a lot of us are getting sick of our palms! We can jack until we're blue in the face but the creative folks at Fleshlight have come up with an easy grip masturbator that I'm finding to be easy to use, pleasurable and pretty intense.

The Fleshskins Grip is designed to be held in your hand (not a case like their original concept). It has four finger holes and it's easy to wrap your hand around it. With a secure grip on the outside, you control how tight or loose the grip is for your best jack session.

Another thing that I love about this masturbator is that I don't hit the end when I'm pounding one out. It's open at both ends and is 4.7" / 12 cm long. The Fleshskin is made of a bluish transparent Fleshlight material. Being able to watch my thick dick thrusting in and out of this toy is hot.

Social Distancing Sex:  Better Jack in the Fleshskin Grip


Most of us are beyond just needing any ol' hole to fuck. (Although I'll admit that sounds pretty nice right now.) The Fleshskin's interior is what takes wanking to the next level. The inside is made up of large circular ribs and bumps alternating throughout the sleeve. It starts with three rows of domes with nipple-like bumps followed by three concentric ribs. This alternates until you get to end where there is a final rib and then a tight hole to really grip your shaft as your head thrusts through. The feeling will send you over the edge.


Social Distancing Sex:  Better Jack in the Fleshskin Grip - Hard THRUST!


It's straightforward to use. Just lube up (or soap up if you like to play in the water), grab the Fleshskins with both hands and guide your dick through. Until you bone up it may feel a bit loose but as you get hard you'll feel the texture teasing your tender shaft. As you get hard you'll find that you can use just one hand and control the amount of pressure on your dick. Getting too close? Ease off. Need more? Squeeze! Enjoy an explosive orgasm!

Hard times call for creative ways to release your hard dick! Enjoy a better jack in the Fleshskins Grip.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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(Photo 1 provided by Fleshlight. Photo 2 submitted by customer.)




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