Socially Distanced Sex:


During this time of Covid-19 and social distancing, our levels of horniness do not seem to drop. In fact, they seem to get more intense.

Frankly, the only thing to do is to take matters into our own hands. 

But we do like a bit of variety. That's where Fleshlight's Quickshot Vantage comes in. Sure you hold it in your hand but it does so much more than your hand alone can do!


Socially Distanced Sex:  "orgasm was fantastic" with the Quickshot Vantage


But why is this one special? I'll let "Married couple who will try most things once" answer that! Here are their comments:

"I’ve owned two Fleshlights before this one, as in the mainstream models: full sleeves with porn star moulded replica genitals. I’ve always had several issues with fleshlights and the main ones are the drying time and cleaning maintenance of them. The other - fairly major - one is their very appearance.

"This model, however, is very, very different! Arrived nice and inconspicuous as usual and is very design orientated. I’d say ergonomic, if sex toys are allowed to be ergonomic?! More importantly, it’s shorter and can be cleaned of lube very very quickly, and as it’s so short it dries quickly too. Appearance-wise when I opened it my wife actually said ‘that’s a lot more appealing isn’t it?’ And I think that’s very accurate, it looks quite swish, clean and smart. She’s even promised to help me road test it some more, which is something she point blank refused to do with the older fleshy types. 

"This Fleshlight gives the same sensation as the full Fleshlight as you can full stroke on your cock from tip to balls, the texture is still smooth and soft. I find them a little constrictive around me so I take it out of the tube sometimes, which can be fiddly but removes the pressure around my cock. The orgasm was fantastic, like a full Fleshlight but with the open end, this meant I came outside of it, which made cleaning up much easier!

"For the money, it’s absolutely fantastic. It’s slick and very well made, it’s also a bit deceptive as you can’t really tell what it is when it’s closed, apart from the Fleshlight branding on the outside. I think it’s visually a lot more appealing and delivers the same sensations. However you don’t get the ‘deep orgasm’ from a full Fleshlight-like with penetrative sex- as your tip tends to be outside of it, but I imagine with timing and quick strokes you could make yourself orgasm inside and ejaculate outside it. That sounds like good fun trying actually!"

Here's what it looks like (without the dick in it!)

Socially Distanced Sex:  "orgasm was fantastic" with the Quickshot Vantage


It's super-easy and very pleasurable. Just lube up your dick like you normally would during a rub-out session but instead of just using your hand, plow into the Quickshot Vantage for that full stroke from tip to balls. If you like, you can alternate the Quickshot with your hand for a change-up. Regardless, you are going to blow a huge wad! The orgasm is fantastic with the Quickshot Vantage.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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    (Photo 1 submitted by customer. "Married couple who will try most things once" is not pictured.)



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