Three Steps to Unlocking Greater Sexual Pleasure:  Cockring, Glans Ring & Nipple Clamps


Danny knows what unlocks pleasure. He's keeping his juicy prick thicker in his Full Screw cockring. This is the first step to unlocking better sex. Blood flows in and his cockring restricts it from leaving again leaving him chubbier, harder and longer - even when flaccid.

Danny's got a nice dick and can carry off a larger penis ring easily. The Full Screw is .9" / 20 mm wide. It lifts your dick up, front and forward so it's pulled away from your body (it's cooler that way) and very pronounced. If you are sweating it out in the heat, the Screw rings are lightweight, cool and comfortable for the long haul.

His big, beefy cock is looking amazing in his Full Screw cockring. Even if you don't need a cockring to keep your flaccid dick looking pumped (and he certainly doesn't), a penis ring, like the Full Screw pictured below, gives you amazing support and pulls everything up, front and forward. It delivers your best look and best performance.

The Screw rings are very light--made of 100% aeronautical-grade aluminum. (This means it's safe to wear next to your sensitive skin for extended periods.) It also has an enhanced inner ring comfort fit. The Full Screw does everything you want a cock ring to do yet is so comfortable you can wear it all day/play-all-night without a second thought. You will probably forget you even have it on--until you need it!

John from Phoenix wrote:  "Amazing! I had become used to the weight of big steel rings but this called to me. The width and flared ends make it really comfortable. It gets my goods on display but is really comfortable for all day wear. After hours, the full screw lives up to its name. I gave my partner some premium thrusting and full screw was the name of the game."

Are you ready to live up to its name?


Three Steps to Unlocking Greater Sexual Pleasure: 
Cockring, Glans Ring & Nipple Clamps


The second step:  Danny's also wearing the coordinating Quarter Screw glans ring.

The head ring is crafted from the same solid light-weight aluminum as the Full Screw. It's extremely comfortable. Because it's lightweight it doesn't feel like it is dragging your dick down. All of gear essentials' glans rings feature the squared interior fit to resist slipping over your corona when flaccid. The ring fits very nicely beneath the cap of your cock. 

Even when flaccid the head of your dick will be bigger than usual (this is especially true when it's paired with a penis ring. And it gets even bigger when you're hard.  Your dick is already chubbed up from your cock ring (remember, blood flows in and the penis ring keeps it all from rushing right out again) but the glans ring makes your dick head even bigger than normal!  It is totally hot. 

Jacking off with a glans ring is even better. Since the blood is restricted in your dickhead you not only get bigger but you become more sensitive to every touch, stroke, nibble....

You also will experience the "mini hand-job in your pants" sensation as you move throughout your day. That's one way to make a tedious day enjoyable!

Jose from Denver wrote:  "Fits perfectly to the glans and makes you look sexier.. And at the time of having sex you feel a divine little pressure that makes you excite more.. And your partner feels even more when you're in... excellent, a wonder of invention!!!"


Three Steps to Unlocking Greater Sexual Pleasure: 

Cockring, Glans Ring & Nipple Clamps


The last step? Danny has put some tit clamps on his nips. They've obviously had some attention in the past. Nips are erogenous zones. When stimulated they bring intense sexual sensation. The nipple and areola are erotic receptors because there are a lot of nerve-endings located there. (This is true for both men and women.)

MRI's have shown that nipple stimulation causes a huge response - and stimulates the same part of the brain that is impacted by genital stimulation. The more you play with them, the more they respond and the greater your pleasure. I'll admit, my nips were not super-sensitive to start. Now they are!

They may look scary, but they really aren't. Danny is wearing my favorite type:  plier nipple clamps. They are easily adjustable to you can add or decrease pressure. I find that the longer I have them on the more pressure I want.

The connecting chain adds pleasure too. I like feeling it against my skin and the weight gently tugs my nips even more. It's amazingly hot.


Are you hungry for more pleasure? Just follow these three easy steps and discover how you can unleash greater sexual satisfaction.  

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos by Simeon Den. John and Jose are not pictured.)



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