Customer Review:  Surge Glans Ring ‘feels great’


This past summer, Jeff from Ohio submitted the following review on the website: “I purchased both the cock ring and glans ring in aluminum, having enjoyed both in the black medical-grade plastic. While the cock ring has a comfortable gradual contour on the inner surface, the glans ring has more of a square-shouldered, cylindical surface on the interior, making for occasion pinches when wearing it for an extended period. Don't know if this was an issue in the machining of my item, or a general limitation, given the smaller diameter of the glans rign. In addition, although I purchased the same size in both the plastic and the aluminum, the metal version seemed to move around more in my d'wear, contributing to ocassional discomfort. Great quality overall, however, and terrific look and finish.”

We appreciated the compliments but he only gave us a 2 out of five stars. In any school that I attended that was a failing grade.

We hate failure.

But a few weeks later Jeff submitted another review to update his reaction (we liked this one much better!): I'm manning-up to update my prior review... yes, I'm man enough to admit I judged the Surge aluminum glans ring too quickly. After a few more wearings, it has grown on me - and I've "grown" with it on! I realized the gentle tug and the occasional insistent tweak actually feels great, and reminds me what's going on down there. I always thought the quality and look was outstanding. Now I love the fit and feel, too!”

This was a Sally Field moment for us!


Feeling Great! The Surge Glans Ring by gear essentials


The photo above is NOT of Jeff (a gearFan sent it our way anonymously). But it does show how the glans ring fits immediately below the corona.

In his first review, Jeff mentioned the ‘square-shouldered’ interior (Jeff, we really like this description). This was by design. The goal is to create a squarer interior fit to help prevent the glans ring from sliding over the corona and off the end of the dick. The only thing keeping the head ring on is some friction and the ‘mushroom’ head of the penis. (If you are curious about how to measure for a glans ring, our Sizing Guide: . If it seems confusing just e-mail us at and we’ll help you through it.)



Customer Review: ”Love the fit & feel”: Surge Glans Ring by gear essentials


We love how your cock looks as though it is exploding out of the Surge (both the cock ring and glans ring). When you get hard, your dickhead WILL get bigger due to the blood restriction of the glans ring. I really enjoy how it feels—and lots of customers have agreed that they do too. If you worry about it getting stuck on your dick, don’t. A dab of lube and it will slide right off.

You will love the way it looks and feels too. A buddy of mine talks about one of the guys at his gym who wears his into the shower. Everyone stops to stare. He has quite a reputation (and it isn’t bad!) Feel the love and get a Surge for yourself!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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(Photos supplied by a gearFan: Note that this is NOT Jeff.)



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