Pack Your Pouch


They say it pays to advertise. When you are out on the town it’s a good idea to pump up your package with a cock ring. Most of us are growers anyway—we’re just letting the world know our potential!

gear essentials heaviest cock ring is the Omega weighing in at 11 ounces. This is an all-time favorite ring. We’ll let some gearFans tell you why:

Buckeye from Ohio recently wrote the following review on the gear essentials’ website: “Bought the 1 5/8" diameter one. Have to say freakin' FANTASTIC! After putting this on at the base of my cock it was instantly hard. The weight of it made my cock's veins pop out. If u want you cock to be a eye opener the omega is the one to buy.”

We occasionally talk to guys who step back from stainless steel cockrings because they are afraid of the weight. (If you are one of those, try our light-weight aluminum rings). However, many guys love the weight—their partners love it too. When getting fucked you will feel the added power to the thrust and increased power and size of the dick.

Karl from Kansas also wrote a review: “Wow! Bought this ring after a friend let us try his. It's a amazing. I had no idea how nice the heavy weight of it would feel. It bears down on your junk and makes you aware it's there. The smooth edges make it super comfortable. I can't stand NOT to wear it!”

It is a surprisingly comfortable ring. Due to its smoothly polished donut-like shape it rests easily at the base of your prick.  Because of its rounded interior and weight, you may have to order one size smaller than normal.


Pack Your Pouch! The Mirrored Omega C Ring by gear essentials


Pack your pouch, pump up your prick, feel the power and improve your prowess. The Omega cock ring will make you a new man!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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(Photo submitted by customer. Note that this picture does not depict Buckeye or Karl.)



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