Flashing Even More Dick with a Cockring!


I read the following on Tumblr and knew we had to share it. The story is hot but the exposed boner might be even hotter! To see this young stud popping a major woody at a fast food restaurant is a pretty steamy scene.

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Here's the story:  My new fuck buddy Owen is in his twenties - younger, by almost fifteen years. And the dude is constantly horny. 

After a long day at work, I was starving, so we stopped for some Jack in the Box. He was watching me eat with a smirk on his face.

Owen’s said a few things here and there, a few comments in online chat, that makes me think that he’s into feeding big dudes. And food and sex for me? Fucking hot mix, man. 

So I decided to have a little fun with him, licking my fingers really loudly after taking a bit of my burger. I lifted a corner of my t-shirt, flashing the bottom of my meaty belly in his direction. 

His face got all bright red, but I also noticed that his shorts were tenting. Dude was chubbing up right at the table. 


Flashing Even More Dick with a Cockring!


The story continues:  He got me back, though. I went to take another bite of my burger and damn near bit my tongue. Owen was flashing his cock. It was rock hard and pointing straight up.

“Thought you’d like to see all the things you like to put in your mouth, fatboy,” he said, just loud enough to hear me. 

“We need to go back to my place, dude. Now,” I said. 

“Yeah, let’s go,” Owen said. “But first, we need to hit the drive-thru. I need to get some snacks for home. Something you can lick from my fingers….or from my cock.” 

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(Photo and story reposted from secretslut01 onTumblr.) 



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