Keep fully-cocked with the Imperial cockring


Another tough week?  Thank God it's Friday!

Sometimes when it's the end of the line you need a little support to make it through. Keep your cock fully-cocked at all times with a cockring. It keeps the bloodflow in your prick so you stay nice and thick, meaty and plump. Even if you're exhausted it doesn't mean your meat needs to look it as well.

Who knows, a little dick action might just be what you need to feel revived!


Keep fully-cocked with the Imperial cockring


The Imperial is smooth, gently curved for comfort and style, and nicely weighted. You will know you have a dick buddy on your side. Available in mirrored or elegantly brushed finish, these rings begged to be touched. And stroked. Crafted from solid stainless steel in the US you will know that you have quality on your side.

Keep fully cocked as you plow into the weekend!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Imperial Cock Ring:


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