Rock Hard in the Imperial Cockring


There is no feeling like the sensation of a rock hard boner. When you want to maximize your girth and power, there is nothing like a cock ring. Peter from Essex, England agrees:  "I have been looking for the right size cock ring for ages and at long last I've found it! I ordered the Imperial Cock ring 1 7/8 a week ago and when it arrived I wore it straight away and wow, the perfect fit. I have now had it on for 24 hours. It is so comfortable and gives me a great erection. I love the weight as it gives just enough tug to let me know that it's there.

"My wife loves it as well and every now and then she keeps asking to look at my newly decorated package which is great as this leads onto a little playing. A great cock ring along with great service.

"My Thanks to Gear Essentials and I will be back."

We love it when everybody is happy!


Rock Hard in the Imperial Cockring from gear essentials


A good cockring with a good fit should keep you comfortably hard. The dick pictured above is totally pumped and ready for rock hard action.

When you're prick is flaccid the ring should fit comfortably but have a bit of space between it and your penis (so you have some room to grow). A cockring adds that extra touch to sex--it keeps your dick thicker, harder, longer, fuller and more sensitive to every lick, thrust, touch, nibble and twist. Once you wear a penis ring you won't want to have sex without it.

The hard rod above is totally ready for action! Once you slip the Imperial penis ring on your hardening prick you will discover why it's one of gear essentials’ most popular rings. Crafted from solid stainless steel in the shape of a flattened donut, the Imperial gives you a comforting weighted cock-hug--so, like Peter, you know it's there (which also adds power to your fucking thrust) while maintaining a slim enough profile to be comfortable in tight-fitting or tailored clothing. 

Want to get rock hard? Try the Imperial on for size and show the world your rock hard love-rocket!

gear essentials...Sex is Better here!  ENJOY!



Imperial Cockring:


(Photo submitted by customer. Peter is not pictured.)



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