Ball Stretcher:  Don’t Weigh Me Down!


Many guys want their ball sack to be bigger--in effect, to hang lower. An excellent method of achieving this is by wearing a ball weight / ball stretcher.

I will admit I was initially skeptical of ball weights. Why would someone want to put that around their balls? Anyone who has taken a soccer ball to the nuts will tell you that the pain is intense!

Then I learned that this has very little to do with pain. I became a fan of ball weights when I put one on at International Mr. Leather (IML) 2011. I immediately popped a boner--I loved it! My mind may have been saying no but my dick said YES! I have always liked having my balls tugged and twisted while jacking off or during sex play--the ball weight did this for me--leaving a hand free to do something else. I had always thought it was a fetish or CBT (cock & ball torture) tool. Who knew it was a pathway to more pleasure?

The weight around your nuts will make your ball sack longer if you wear it regularly. I was born with a healthy ball sack so making it bigger has never been my goal. I wear an 8 ounce (1/2" bandwidth) all day just because I love the feeling. (I can—and do—wear larger weights but I love the feeling of the ‘tinier’ tug!) But if you are after bigger balls, just stack on the weights, baby!
Nothing’s Weighing HIM Down! The 1” (16 Oz) Ball Weight by gear essentials


You can wear an 8 ounce, 16 ounce, or more; even stack weights to create your own unique look and feel. That is one of the beauties of ball weights--you can stack, throw in a cock ring, mix-and-match or just go with one. You can find the fit that works—and feels—best for you.

For more information on fitting a ball weight, check:

Find the pleasure--get your own ball weight and ENJOY!

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WHERE TO FIND IT: The 16 Ounce Ball Weight:


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