It's Tool Time!


Need to add some power to your tool? The answer is simple and effective: A cock ring.

But not just any cockring. Get the solid stainless steel Bolt penis ring. This architecturally-inspired gem is uniquely sized at only .4 inches (10 mm) wide so it’s understated but effective.

The blood flows into your dick but is restricted from leaving—leaving you with a thicker, harder, longer and more sensitive cock. The key to mastering any job is the right tool…

For the Best Screw:  Pop the Bolt C Ring by gear essentials on Your Tool!


The Bolt cock ring is the best compliment to a great screw!

Don’t you deserve a Bolt in your toolbox?

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!



WHERE TO FIND IT:   Bolt C Ring:



(Photo submitted by customer.)



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