Why I'm Thankful...


On Thanksgiving Day it is common for us to think about all of the things for which we are thankful. Many families, when they sit down to Thanksgiving dinner, each share one item of thanks.

Today I am thankful to be living during a time in history when we have the freedom to be who we really are. Whether straight, gay, bi or transgender we are allowed to express our individuality, uniqueness and sexuality. While there are still pockets of intolerance—or in the case of Russia an entire land mass—we are experiencing a higher degree of freedom to be who we are than in any other time in the last two millennia.

We need to keep pushing for freedoms. We know the tide of history can shift.

I’m also thankful for amazing gear that makes me feel better and makes sex better. I am thankful that it improves my performance (and elevates my….mood!)


Giving Thanks: Grinder, Half Screw, Full Screw & Omega C Rings
& the Titan .4 Glans Ring by gear essentials


The helping hands above are playing with several gear essentials favorites. The man on top is sporting a Grinder. Part of the Contour Collection, this architecturally-inspired ring is multi-faceted and eye-stopping. The man on the bottom is wearing one of our top sellers: The Omega penis ring. Shown here in the satin brushed finish, this donut-shaped solid stainless steel ring is our heaviest while being amazingly comfortable. Like all of our cock rings, these keep the blood flowing into your dick from leaving again. This leaves you thicker, harder, fuller, longer and more sensitive. (And I’m thankful for that!)

The huge uncut dick in the middle is enhanced by stacked cock rings—the Half Screw and Full Screw—giving an impressive bandwidth of 1 ½ inches! These rings are light-weight aluminum with our exclusive comfort fit interior for incredibly easy work-all-day / play-all-night wear.

Under his dickhead rests the Titan .4 glans ring—our heaviest at one ounce. This ring has caused many men to give thanks—during daytime wear it has been called ‘a mini hand job in my pants’! (I’m thankful for that too.)

Pop these on and you will find that hands won’t be able to keep themselves off you either! Express your thanks. Invest in gear that makes you feel better and improves your sexual performance!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photo by David Lee.)



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