Pavel Gets Us into the Holiday Mood!


Russian naked DJ Pavel Petel is making waves on the Euro scene (and is frequently re-blogged on Tumblr). And judging by the pictures below we can understand why. We have posted pictures of Pavel before but this new sparkly dick shot just got us into the holiday mood so we had to share!

Pop Your Cork: Wearing the Titan .4 Cock Ring by gear essentials


The Titan .4 cockring is a great size. You cannot beat it for comfort and utility. Smooth, simple and classic, it's a no-fuss no-muss stainless steel cock ring. Because of its slimmer profile it's great under tight jeans (I'm wearing mine today) or nothing at all!

In a recent review on Clay from Texas wrote: “My .4 Bright Mirror Titan cock ring with 1 7/8" inside diameter is a perfect fit. The finish is smooth with perfect craftsmanship. The diameter is perfect - measurement as advised is important - it won't squeeze the hell out of your nuts and it stays in place 24/7 around your nut sack. I love wearing it all day long with no one knowing I'm having a grand time indiscreetly in my pants wherever I go. I especially love wearing my Titan cock ring with my cargo shorts without underwear. I enjoy the touch of my cock ring with a little pressure on the sides surrounding my nuts and topping my cock reminding me of the manhood I once had at 18 years of age. Perfect fitting cock ring!”



So why don’t you add a little party in your pants this holiday season?

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photos:  Pavel Petel. Clay is not pictured.)



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