Keeping It Chubbed


Earlier this week I had an e-mail conversation with a customer who is searching for the optimum fit. He really wants his dick to chub up when flaccid. When we do personalized fittings we always recommend that you be able to fit a finger between your penis and your cock ring (when flaccid) in order to allow room for your dick to grow when you get hard. There are a lot of reasons why we wear cock rings, having a chubbed dick is just one of them.

A lot of guys want the look of a engorged semi-flaccid prick because it looks virile and hot. But there is also increased sensation in your fuller rod as well. When your dick is fuller there is greater sensitivity and awareness of what makes you a man as that slab bounces between your legs.

Keeping it Chubbed: The Master C Ring by gear essentials


The Master penis ring is a great choice. It’s big, bold, square design is crafted from solid stainless steel. It has a thicker profile so you know you have it on—and your partner will know too! The edges are rounded for maximum comfort. At 8 ounces (228 grams) it is gear essentials third heaviest ring.

In a recent review on William from Florida wrote: This was my first ring (of 5) from Gear Essentials. Love it! I wear it daily, pretty much 24/7. Top quality, nice weight, and flawless finish. Every one that sees it asks where I got it.....and I tell them.”

Thanks for spreading the word, William!

Check out the Master. Your dick will thank you, your partner will thank you and you will spread the word too!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  Master C Ring:


(Photo submitted by customer. This photo is not of William.)



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