Stacking Ball Weights


The reasons guys wear ball stretchers is probably as varied and unique as each of us are. I love the easy tug and twist of gear essentials smallest weight at 8 ounces. I can wear that hunk of sweet stainless steel all day and night! It feels great and I love what it does for me when I come. Because my balls cannot retract into my body the ball weight elongates orgasm, increases the amount of cum and baby, it feels good!

I also like to have my balls played with during sex. The ball weight takes care of that so hands are free to focus on other areas.

Other guys write that their partners love the bounce of the ball stretcher off their perineum—whether male or female. It intensifies the rhythm, it adds another point of erogenous contact and it heightens sensations. Many report that they won’t even consider intercourse without.

In Tantric practice, pressure is place here to spread the sexual energy throughout the body. This intensifies erotic sensations as well as maximizing orgasms.

Some like the fact that the ball stretcher, when worn regularly, stretches out the ball sac. I can easily wear a 24 ounce (although, unlike the 16 ounce, it isn’t comfortable for me all day yet). When I felt I was ready to move up to the next size, I just slid my 8 ounce ball weight between the next size up and my shaft. It was easier than putting on the larger ball weight and helped to stretch my sac out so I eventually could wear the larger weight.

Some guys will also put a cock ring (the Omega is a favorite) on first for the added weight. The best way to do this (and we’ll be sharing pictures of this soon) is to put the cockring on first and then put your ball weight on below this. The ball weight (which is narrower and secured into place by an Allen screw) will keep the penis ring from sliding off during the normal course of your day or sex play.

There is something hyper-masculine about seeing a guy with a huge sack. Those dangling balls of wonder are erotic, intoxicating and tempting!


Stacked: 2 Weights = 3 lbs of Ball Weights


Whether you go with more weights or fewer, it’s all good. It is a matter of personal preference as to what feels good—and what looks good! (And the guy above is looking good!)

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




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