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Our world is a rainbow. If you want bondage--you can find it and enjoy it. If you want vanilla, there are thousands of folks who will dish it up. If you want kink, it's easy to find.  If you just want frot, it's easily got!

The beauty of all this is that it's all available. Whatever you are into you are bound to find someone (or more) who are also interested in it. An added bonus is that the world is a far less judgmental place than it used to be. 

For a long time I thought ball weights were only for guys interested in kink. And then I tried one on. I was sold! While my head said "no" my dick popped up and said, "YEAH, BABY!"  And life will never be the same!

I love how it feels as the weight pulls, twists and tugs. My orgasms are more intense because the weight prevents my ball sac from pulling up into my body prior to cumming.  And I shoot more!


Follow the Tat to Paradise: Stacked Ball Weights by gear essentials


This guy’s tat points right to paradise—a beautiful ass and spread legs revealing stacked ball weights.In HIS case this might be about the bondage fantasy. But he is also enjoying have a heavy-duty tug on his balls. With every step he feels an erotic thrill race up his spine. If he is topping (the fucker) his partner will have that mass of metal bouncing off his or her taint—we get a lot of e-mails from bottoms (fuckees) telling us how much they love the extra erogenous stimulation of this. Sex is a pleasurable act (and if not, let us help!) So why not add some accessories that enhance and magnify your pleasure?

Stacking is hot because it lets you add weight as you are ready. And in some cases, this is the only way to add weight. For example, when I moved from 16 to 24 ounces, I couldn’t put the 24 ounce ball stretcher on my balls. It was just too difficult to get my balls through. However, I could easily get my 16 ounce weight on, tug it down as low as it would go and then slip my 8 ounce ball weight between the 16 ounce and my shaft. It was so simple to do—and in no time I had stretched enough to wear the solid 24 ounces.

I’ll admit that often I’m just in the mood for the 8 ouncer bobbing around on my balls. But when I want a more intense tug, I stack them on.

Whether you are vanilla or the most extreme kink, you will find ball weights enhance your sexual pleasure. And that is a good thing!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




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