My Life in Heavy Metal...


Today is one of those days when I feel as though I’m walking around in armor. I clank more than my car did in college!

In addition to my usual Prince Albert (today a chunky ball) I have been wearing my Titan .4 glans ring and a Titan .4 cock ring. (Things are hanging low!)

A customer recently e-mailed to ask which is the better ring for every day wear: the Titan .4 or Titan .6. A few months ago I would have answered the Titan .6 with no hesitation. It was my first cockring (and we always have fond memories of the first!) I also really like the fit and feel—but particularly how the wider band looks on my dick. The proportions are smart and it’s just a solid-looking ring—and it looks great!

But I started wearing my Titan .4 cock ring a while back and have gotten a little addicted. I’ll admit I’ll go in streaks. I will put on a cock ring and just keep wearing it and wearing it until finally I get the urge to change—or I get bored.

I generally take my cock ring off as I prepare to go to sleep—I forgot to do that with my Titan .4 and didn’t have a sleepy-time erection issue so I’ve been wearing it 24/7. (The docs generally tell us not to sleep in a rigid cock ring to avoid damage to the penis. When we get nocturnal hard-ons they generally don’t get ‘relief’ and that can cause vascular damage. Not cool.)

I am finding it comfortable under tight jeans and it more than does the job—it keeps my dick fuller and thicker even when flaccid and when I need a good, strong erection; it is there! This is a great all-around ring.

I’m also wearing my Titan .4 glans ring. This is our heaviest head ring weighing nearly one ounce. It doesn’t sound like much weight—if you were to bench press it you would be laughed out of the gym. However, bobbing on the end of your dick it is a great weight! It’s enough so you feel every bob and bounce of your prick so you get that ‘mini hand-job in your pants’ effect. I also like it paired with my Titan cockring.

Yesterday I wore very tight underwear with all this gear hanging from my dick. It was not my most comfortable day. The pressure of the underwear flattened everything against my body. My cock ring was fine but the glans ring occasionally pinched. I discretely rearranged and all was good. Part of me liked the reminder but part of me found that touching myself all the time got old! It also negates the bounce which creates the ‘mini hand-job in your pants’ fun of a glans ring. Note to self: go commando or wear boxer briefs with the glans rings.

Once you step out of your underwear (or leathers or jeans or speedo or singlet) and get hard, the feeling of this ring is amazing! My dickhead gets even bigger than normal and seems to pop! I cum more and farther—it’s pretty intense!


Heavy Metal: The Titan .4 Glans Ring (aka Head Ring) by gear essentials


These little magical rings are crafted from high-quality stainless steel in the US. They feature a more square interior fit to help keep it from sliding over the head of your dick (all that is holding this ring on is friction, the corona of your penis and a prayer!) When you get hard it squeezes the shaft just below your dickhead for an amazingly intense orgasm. You will totally get your rocks off!

A lot of guys are wearing these as shaft rings too. (That’s when it really DOES make my dick look like a knight in shining armor!)

Get some heavy metal and get some better sex!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photo submitted by customer.)



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