16 Ounces of Hard Pleasure


Not to sound cocky but this picture reminds me—of me! (Without the upward curve!)

The first time I put on a ball weight my dick just popped right on up. I didn’t think I would be into it but my cock knew what my head (the one on my shoulders) didn’t. I loved the feeling of the weight tugging and gently twisting my nuts.

I had always enjoyed light pulling and twisting of my balls during sex and masturbation; I just didn’t realize how well this job would be done by a ball stretcher!

A lot of guys think a ball weight on their ball sac will weigh their erection down—but just the opposite is the case. It seems to bring more power to your prick. In addition, it delays orgasm (because your nuts don’t retract up into your body before you cum), elongates cumming and a lot of guys report that they shoot more and farther! (These are all good things!)

16 Ounces of Pleasure: The Split Ball Weight by gear essentials


This hot prick is enjoying the pleasure of 16 ounces (one pound) of quality stainless steel hanging low. It is secured by an Allen wrench to keep things secure (whether at work or enjoying some hard play!) This is a great size for all day wear. You will enjoy the movement of your balls through your day.

Can you handle the pleasure?

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT: 16 Ounce Ball Weight: http://gearessentials.com/collections/ball-weights/products/ball-weight-16oz



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