Holiday Stress?  Take it to the “EDGE” & Whack it!


It’s Christmas Day and you’ve just spent a couple of days with relatives. You love ‘em but they get on your nerves and frankly stress you out. What’s the solution?

Jack off!

There is nothing better to relieve a bit of holiday stress than a nice long whack! It’s even better when you do it wearing a cock ring and lubing your tool with Swiss Navy’s Premium Masturbation Cream (we love this stuff!)

We will admit it. We love us some self-lovin! So we went in search of the best cream for the best JO and found Premium Masturbation Cream. Those crafty folks at M. D. Science formulated a cream that is long-lasting (so you don’t have to stop the action to re-apply). It’s not sticky but thick and creamy and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. This lubricant is formulated so that the heat created by the pressure of your hand as well as your body heat creates a unique glide factor. This maximizes your pleasure! And it doesn’t leave your skin feeling tacky—it feels natural. If you love edging (also known as orgasm control, peaking and surfing) you will love this cream.

Not familiar with edging? Trust us—you’ll want to take a hand’s on approach to trying this out! It is basically the practice of jacking for an extended period of time (no three minute quickie) without cumming. Jack until you get right to the edge of cumming (hence the name) and then back off. This allows you to enjoy extended orgasmic sensations without having to wait to ‘recharge’. If you get too close and it feel as though you’ve gone over the ‘edge’ just apply pressure below the head of your dick. Pinch right below your urethra and the opposite side of your cock until the about-to-cum feeling eases.

Edging prolongs the sensations brought about during the final build-up to cumming. When you maintain your heightened sexual state for an extended masturbation session it can bring about intense pleasure. Some men also report that they reach an almost euphoric state or a change in perceived consciousness.

When you finally do cum, it is often stronger and more copious than usual.

This is a gift you may want to unwrap yourself!


Take it to the EDGE: The Half Screw Cock Ring by gear essentials


Keep your dick bigger and more sensitive with a C ring. Blood flows into your dick but is restricted from leaving. This means your prick is thicker, harder and fuller (whether flaccid or erect).

Check out the Half Screw penis ring (pictured on the hot rod above). Crafted of high-quality aluminum it is light and comfortable while keeping your rod ready and hard! In fact, it’s so comfortable you may forget you have it on. The lightweight construction is part of the reason. However, this ring also features gear essentials’ interior comfort fit so you can enjoy work-all-day / play-all-night wear. This line also comes in anodized blue or red so you can express your individuality!

Release the stress! Edge tonight!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





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