Packing a Punch (Part II)


Yesterday we posted the first of this series of pictures showing a nicely hung guy in his Engraved Omega (Wings design) and Titan .2 glans ring. The Engraved Omega cock ring really gives you a sense of the powerful meat swinging between your thighs. You know you’ve got it going on when you feel your chubbed-up dick swinging against your legs. Life is good!

It’s a one-two punch!


Packing: The Engraved Omega Chubs You Up--
& Titan .2 Glans Keeps You LONG!


It looks like things are getting hard for this guy—in a good way! When you are wearing your cock ring, you can go all day with a chubby like this. You are right on the edge of ‘ready for action’—and your dick is more sensitive than usual when in this state of ‘semi’.

The blood has flowed into the happy appendage and now the cockring is restricting it from leaving. (The glans ring does the same thing for the head of your dick—leaving it even bigger than normal.) This means that you are bigger and better and ready to rock and roll!

In the picture above you can see how the head ring also causes your prick to hang at its longest.  It's a hot look that will get you noticed.


You’ll Feel the Punch: Engraved Omega C & Titan .2 Glans Rings by gear essentials


He’s cupping his balls as his massive rod spills out of his hand. (We would seriously recommend he add a ball weight to this duo. That is a truly ‘over-the-moon’ experience!) The weight of the Omega is comforting—a lot of guys and their partners prefer it over a lighter option. As we mentioned in yesterday's blog, they love the extra weight (which translates into extra thrust and power) as well as how it hits their taint or clit (depending upon your preferred gender!)


Cradled: Engraved Omega Cock & Titan .2 Glans Rings by gear essentials


We suggest you skip the tight briefs in order to experience the full wonder of a glans ring. (When you have room to swing you really feel the ‘mini hand job in your pants’ effect. So GO COMMANDO!)

The Omega (shown above) is gear essentials' heaviest cock ring with a weight of 11 ounces (312 grams). This beautiful penis ring is hand-crafted of pure stainless steel in the shape of a donut so there are no sharp edges—just pure comfort. It is available in the engraved style above, a soft brushed style or the bright mirror finish. You are sure to find a look that accents your personal style.

Go ahead and pack a punch! Your sex life will thank you!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos submitted by customer.)


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