Big Things in 2014:  Get Your PUMP ON!


Several years ago I discovered the joys of pumping up my prick while edging. (For more info on edging check out our blog from 12/25/13: I enjoy sitting in a hot bath and pumping up my dick. I leave it pumped (in the vacuum tube) for 5 or 10 minutes before taking the pump off and stroke my cock right to the edge of cumming. (If I get too close I pinch my dick right below the head to keep from reaching orgasm.) Then I slide my rod back into the pump and start the cycle over again. After two rounds my dick tingles (in a good way) and the pre-cum oozes out of my piss-slit. When I finally do let myself cum the power and magnitude of my splooge is mind-blowing!

We have been searching for a heavy-duty, hard corps pump that lasts as long as we do!


Going for a Dip: Dipping the Penomet Penis Pump into the Pool


Enter the Penomet Penis Enlargement Pump. This pump just came onto the market and the difference is that it is completely water-based. You can use it in the pool (that will spark some talk in the neighborhood), bathtub or shower. It was created to be safe, powerful and effective.


Water-Filled: Full of Water & Ready to be Full of You


While I haven’t been road-testing this (yet), a member of our team has. He hasn’t been pumping faithfully (ideally a few minutes a day to see long-term growth results) BUT he reports that even with his casual use, his dick stays ‘pumped up’ for a long time. (This is especially good in the very cold North where everything shrivels to the size of a walnut this time of year!)


Getting Your Pump On:    …And Insert...


He’s been casually pumping for about three months. In all of that time, he hasn’t seen a ripped gasket (or ‘Gaiter’ as the Penomet folks call it) or any cracking or chipping of the chamber. Many of the pumps we have played with feel almost disposable in comparison—and that has been a huge frustration. Once the gasket rips it isn’t suitable for anything except the trash bin.


Getting Your Pump On: …Inserted into the Penomet Pump


A pump is a pump, right? Apparently not. So what is Penomet?

Most guys want a bigger dick (despite all of the scientific studies that claim we don’t need a bigger dick and that you can do just as much with 4” as 8”—but do we believe this?!) Pumping has been shown to have an impact on penis size.



15 Minutes a Day: …Growing in the Penomet Pump; Check Out the Numbers on Chamber


Penomet has culled through the feedback from thousands of pump users. Based on that information, they created a system that allows interchangeable Gaiters. (Each Gaiter produces different pressures.) This means that we can gradually, safely and comfortably increase the pressure used to increase penis size—they claim growth of 3 inches and 30% in girth with 15 minutes per day usage.


Post-Pump: Fuller & Larger after Pumping with the Penomet Penis Enlargement Pump


Our Guinea pig has committed to using his Penomet Pump daily and reporting the results to us. We are curious (and hopeful) about the potential results.

The components of these pumps are constructed of some of the best materials known. The vacuum is constructed of high quality polycarbonate plastic (developed by NASA this is the strongest and toughest plastic ever made—nearly unbreakable). The Gaiters are made from medical-grade silicone so you know they are perfectly safe for your family jewels.



Post-Pump: Keeping Up the Pump in a Surge Cock Ring by gear essentials


Once you have pumped your package, keep it pumped with a cock ring. The beauty of a cockring is that it restricts the blood in your dick from leaving thereby keeping you at your thickest, fullest, best self (whether flaccid or hard)!

So get your pump on! Your sex life will thank you!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos by Jay Williams.)





I reviewed this on here before and wanted to update my review but I can’t locate it. I have been using this for a few months now, I don’t get to use it every day but I am alternating between the black and grey gaiters and occasionally use the highest, red gaiter. Not sure how I measure up to other guys but it seems like I have reached a plateau on length but girth is another story. When I’m not erect from time to time I fill the diameter of the tube and I own a 1 3/4" surge ring that I am unable to get my penis in to. I have never been able to comfortably put one testicle into that same ring, two is impossible. My cock feels enormous after pumping and it stays that way for a few hours.



Nev: It is definitely different from the typical squeeze-the-pump or pull-the-trigger traditional pump. The vacuum and subsequent ‘pump’ is created by pressing the vacuum chamber against your groin. This ensures a tight seal too. It has taken some getting used to but I get a great pump (and that delicious sense of pressure) from it.



How does it work? How do you increase the suction? Cheers.

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