How’s It Hanging?  Adventures with the Airport Security


The picture below makes me sad.

Why? Because I am out of town this week and one of the things that did not get tucked into my carry on for the flight was a ball weight. (And I’m craving it.)


How’s It Hanging: The 16 Ounce Ball Weight by gear essentials


I love wearing my ball weights. I love feeling them bounce, tug and twist on my long ball sac. I love the feeling when I’m jacking off or having sex. I love that it delays my orgasm and makes it more intense. I love how much I cum when I’m wearing it!

So to balance out the sad, I thought I would share two experiences involving travel—specifically getting through the TSA at the airport. Hopefully these will make you smile!


How’s It Hanging: TSA Gets “Handsy”


We have a long-time customer who always manages to bring a smile to my face. A few days ago he shared a story about getting pulled out of line by the TSA.


TSA Inspection:  Any Explosives Up Here?!


“Here is a funny story. I am a very uninhibited individual and I was carrying my Gear Essential cock rings, ball weights and an assortment of sex toys in my old school green G---- carry-on bag as my wife and I went through the TSA checkpoint in Fort Lauderdale on May ___. Apparently, they have a sensor that is looking for explosives, however it does not work properly. If your bag ever held a cosmetic product with Glycerin as an ingredient, it will set off the sensor. The sensor went off and they declared my bag a "Hot Bag". They wanted to do a body search and asked if I would prefer a private search. I told them that would not be necessary, just search me right out here in front of everyone. After the search, the TSA agent started to feel through my bag grabbing the dildo assortment - cock rings etc. He then asked out of the side of his mouth if I was a sex toy salesman? I replied, not at all, I just an all American pervert.


Turn-About Is Fair Play: Servicing an Agent in His Titan .4 C Ring by gear essentials


“He then took me into a private room and searched through the bag, handling each item individually. The agent who happened to be black, held up a big black cock dildo and while it was flopping up and down in the air asked me "what is this?". I said, why that is a big black cock dildo - many white women have a big black cock fetish - he was literally stuttering so hard he could not speak. Next, he held up one of my Gear Essentials cock rings and asked about it, I told him that it was a Gear Essentials cock ring and he was holding in his hand, the finest cock ring in the world. He asked how it worked and I patiently described the process of pushing each ball through the ring and lastly pulling your cock through rest of the opening. He then held up my 16 oz Gear Essentials ball weight and asked the same question so I opened it up and explained how to install the weight. He sheepishly asked if the cock and ball ring really work? I thought that I might as well have a little fun given the situation, so I told him "of course they work" and that he should order a set immediately for use while fucking.


TSA Inspection: A Thorough Inspection Includes a Fluid Check


“When he and his assistant, R______, were finished and we were preparing to leave the search room, I asked them both to do me a favor and not look at my wife when they exit the room as I am sure she is embarrassed - they both literally ran out of the room with their eyes averted towards the ceiling and I casually walked out, looked at my wife and we both laughed.”


That’s what we call hands on sales! Thanks for spreading the good news of gear essentials!


TSA Inspection: Shining a Light in Dark Places…


This reminded me of an experience I had with the TSA at LAX--I had gotten to the airport and was able to barely catch an earlier flight so I was racing to make it to the gate. As I was going through the TSA checkpoint I set off the alarm. I immediately realized what had happened: I had completely forgotten to take off my Titan 6 cock ring!

I just smiled and said, "Let me try that again." I stepped back, shoved my hand down the front of my jeans, fished out my solid stainless steel bright mirrored finish Titan .6 cockring, dropped it in a little tray, sent it through the conveyor belt, grinned and walked through again with no problem. I didn’t look back!

(I am so glad I didn’t have a ball weight on. That would have taken a little more work to remove. In general, I love the fact that it is secured by an Allen wrench—I don’t have to worry about it popping off in heavy play or even when I’m just walking down the sidewalk. However, in this situation it would have slowed things down a bit!)


TSA Airport Security Inspection: Feeling a Bit Shy…


Whatever your experience with the TSA (and overall, I’ve found them to be very professional—even when I wish they weren’t), you can carry your gear essentials’ gear with you. I carry a cloth zip bag (that’s easy to pull out of my carry-on) containing each of my rings and ball stretchers in their own velvet bags. Occasionally I am asked to show off a ball weight (they show up brilliantly on their screen!) Some of the agents ask, others grin slyly and most just pass it on by.


TSA Airport Security Inspection: So How’s It Hanging?


So how’s it hanging? Well, today I’m not wearing a ball weight because I was in too much of a hurry to pack it. So now I’m suffering the consequences! Life is duller without it. Sex isn’t quite as good. But I’ll survive—and will enjoy it even more when I get back home and slip it on.

We would love to hear your TSA stories! E-mail them in to us and we’ll share them with the rest of the class.

In the meantime, how’s it hanging? Rev up your sex life with gear essentials’ ball weights.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photo 1 submitted by customer. Photos 2 – 5 are originally from MenAtPlay’s “Security Control” with Kyle King & Bruno Knight. None of these photos represent the customer quoted.)





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