Get a Grip & Don't Let Go!


Last year we realized we wanted to branch out from stainless steel. While our first love is that warm supportive metal, we discovered that there are times when you want something that won't set off the metal detector (check out our blog How’s It Hanging? Adventures with the Airport Security posted on January 2, 2014:

I’m wondering if I should wear it swimming in the ocean (although I love the look and feel of the 11 ounce Omega under my swim suit.) Do you think it would make me more buoyant?

We think the stud pictured below wears his medical-grade Grip pretty well. It does everything a cock ring is supposed to do:

  • keeps your balls and dick front, center and forward
  • maximizes your girth, length and sensitivity by restricting blood from leaving your thick prick (it keeps you thicker and harder whether you are hard or soft
  • pumps up your package
  • looks damn hot!


“Get a Grip & Don’t Let Go”: The Grip C Ring by gear essentials


This guy is wearing it well. He is definitely commanding the room in his harness and Grip cockring. You have to admit, it looks great with his black leathers as well. (We are all about accessorizing.) I’ll admit that I choose which cock ring I am going to wear each day based on my mood. I like the variety and the way different rings make me feel. It’s great to have choice.

The Grip (and its newer sister, the SurgeBlack) are rigid—to keep you rigid—yet with just a bit of give. [And it weighs slightly less than an ounce (25 grams).] It has a super-sexy black style with an elegantly raised center design that is classically simple.

Shouldn’t you get a Grip—they won’t let you go!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer.)


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Whew! Glad I saw this with plenty of time before I had to go to work so I could calm down! It’s a hot look and the SurgeBlack looks like just what I need when going on trips. I always put my Titan back on in an airport restroom but I’d like to have my junk out front while going through security to give the TSA guys something more to check out. A harness is also on my list!

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