COLD?!  Cold Doesn't Mean Shrinkage!


For most parts of the United States, the polar vortex has descended and enveloped the country with unusually cold temperatures (here in Minnesota it's colder than the surface temp on Mars!) (It looks like Europe is doing fairly well and our friends south of the equator are enjoying their warm season so not ALL of the world is looking to hibernate.) At times like these our minds race to find ways to keep warm (share body heat with a buddy for example?) One customer e-mailed to warn me to take off my metal accessories (cock ring, glans ring and ball weights)! I'll confess, even in 60-degree-below-zero-windchills I'm happily wearing my gear!

One other side effect of cold weather is shrinkage. Any guy can tell you that a dip in a cold lake, a cold shower or even a cold withering stare will result in massive shrinkage (the penis decides to contract like an accordion completely out of air; we referred to this the other day as the 'little fire hydrant' look!)

Good news, friends: You can minimize shrinkage! (This is kind of like a double-negative.) When you wear a ball weight and a cock ring it reduces the natural shriveling. [Although remember: your body sends the shrivel message to your bollocks to keep those hardy little sperm in your balls at the correct temperature. If you are attempting to make babies (and some of you are) you may just want to leave this alone until your breeding days are over!] If you don't care about the temperature of those hardy swimmers down under, slap on a ball weight and keep your cojones hanging as low as possible.

Your cock ring will also do what it does best: keep the blood restricted in your prick so you stay thicker and longer than usual. Keep in mind though, if you are a snow-season naturist, your dick will be smaller than it would be on a steamy beach vacation to Aruba. Extreme heat combined with cock ring and ball weight will result in extreme size. It's mad science and it’s usually our friend. Work with it, people! 


Cold Doesn’t Mean Shrinkage: The Omega C Ring
& 8 Oz. Ball Weight by gear essentials
(Love the Gloves though!)


Shrinkage is not slowing this snow-loving naturist down. He looks as though he is two heartbeats away from being ready for action. He is king of the hill with his brushed finish Imperial cock ring and 8 ounce ball stretcher.

The Imperial is a great choice. On our website we talk about the Imperial being a more slender design making it a great option if you have beefy thighs. A customer e-mailed me today to say that the Imperial also works for guys without beefy thighs! (Thanks for the clarification!) Either way, it is shaped like a slightly squished donut so it has gentle curves inside and out resulting in an amazingly comfortable fit (regardless of the size of your quads!)

The ball weight is constructed of solid stainless (as is the Imperial). This is a very safe material to wear next to your sensitive naughty bits. The ball weight is designed in two halves that are secured by an Allen screw. We’ve worked with magnetic ball weights but they tend to pop off in heavy play; gear essentials’ ball stretcher is much more secure so it can withstand a long day at the office and a heavy night of rough and tumble play. They can be tricky to put on for first-timers but after a few wearings it becomes second nature. (I can put my 8 ounce weight on in about 12 second—my 24 ounce takes a bit longer.)

So don’t let the cold weather keep you down—avoid shrinkage and walk proud with a gear essentials’ cockring and ball weight.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer.)  



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