CellBlock 13:  Working Out Your Look for 2014


If your house is like our house (and office), the buzz has been all about getting to the club and watching what we eat.  My old trainer used to say, "Dress for the way you are GOING to look!"  No, that doesn't mean 'wrap yourself in Lycra'.  But it does mean that you will feel better about yourself, better about hauling your ass to the gym and better about your workout if you look good!

Here are some suggestions to help you discover your feel-good look for 2014.  We'll be blogging about a few others in the coming weeks. 


The Riot Lace-Up Jock

Not Meant to be a By-stander:  The Riot Lace-Up Jock by CellBlock 13


Nothing says the-party-is-now starting like untying the knot around your waistband.  Note how full and rounded the pouch to this CellBlock 13 jock looks.  Your cock and balls are front and center (of course a cockring pushing all of your junque up and away from your body doesn't hurt either!)  You will get attention at the gym.


Untied & Ready for Action:  The Riot Lace-Up Jock by CellBlock 13
Cockrings Include:  Strut & Imperial Brushed C Ring by gear essentials


Double stitched trim frames the pronounced front pouch as well as around the open ass. Wide rear bands support, lift and show your assets in their best light! Great for sweaty action in a 96% Cotton / 4% Spandex material. Colors available: Blue, Black / Red and Black / Yellow.

Once the strings are untied you are ready for some no-strings action!  These boys are reaching out to touch--touch amazing dicks kept pumped up and fuller by their stainless steel cock rings.  Don't forget to give your dick much-needed support when you work out as well.  Not only will your hot rod be front and center, but it will let the world know how cocky you are--and how cocky you deserve to be!



The Gridiron Jock Trunk

Breydan in the Gridiron Jock Trunk by CellBlock 13--Looks Like There is MORE Untying To Do...


This square cut jock design is made in the USA and provides a longer, leaner profile yet features the same sassy assless back. Walk high and proud with wide rear bands that support and frame your ass--show it off to its best advantage! Up front, the fuller pouch provides plenty of space for the family jewels and any cock rings or ball weights you choose to adorn it with.

The fabric of this jock is mesh so as you get closer you can see the outline of your prick.  If you don't want the attention, leave this baby covered up!


Breydan Steps OUT of His Gridiron Jock Trunk


One of my favorite aspects of working out is how I feel when it's done! I am high on endorphins and horny as hell! Think of it as a cool-down or your second workout of the day--regardless, get ready to burn some calories!

Are you ready to put your best foot (or six inches!) forward? Stay focused, stay motivated and stay sexy!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





[Photos by David Lee (Riot) and Timoteo (Gridiron).]  



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