Surge in the Night with the NEW SurgeBLACK


One of the exciting new rings that premiered at the last International Mr. Leather (IML) was our new SurgeBLACK. Available in both a cock ring and glans ring, this is a combination of two favorite rings: the stunning concave styling of the Surge cockring (which crafted out of lightweight aluminum) and the medical-grade plastic Grip. This material is so safe it is used in surgical procedures—so you know it’s good around our precious family jewels!

It is also lightweight and features our exclusive interior comfort fit so you can work-all-day / play-all-night without any fatigue. And it is in a beautiful dark black. Perfect for things that go bump in the night…

Eduardo from Minneapolis wrote the following review on I just received this cock ring. It is hard[er] than I thought it was but this is no problem. The curved sides allow for comfortable fit without pinching while wearing jeans/pants. It cleans up easily and appears to not scratch or get scraped easily if dropped. The quality is very nice, no rough edges.”


Bump in the Night: The SurgeBLACK Glans Ring by gear essentials


When we discovered that our customers wanted head rings we knew we had to create something special so we married our popular Surge design featuring an elegant concave shape that makes it look like your dick is exploding out of the ring.  But it is crafted in amazing medical-grade plastic.

This Glans ring fits perfectly beneath the corona of your penis (whether you are circumcised or not). This is like nothing we have seen before! Wider than the average Glans ring (our largest at 1/2 inch wide) it features our new corona fit (the interior rim is squared to help prevent the ring from slipping off). This head ring coordinates with the NEW SurgeBLACK cock ring.

Customers tell us that wearing this is like getting a 'mini-hand job!' We also discovered that even when wearing a cockring the Glans ring resulted in an even bigger dick head and a more powerful orgasm. Sex will also last longer because the ring masks the highly sensitive nerve endings beneath the cap of your dick.



Feel the Surge: The SurgeBLACK Cock &Glans Ring by gear essentials


Our first non-metal ring (the Grip) was so popular we had to bring you another--and in another style that is even MORE popular! It has a slight give but it's hard–to keep you HARD! It’s also lightweight—only .9 ounces (25 grams). And it does everything a penis ring is supposed to do: keep the blood in your bulging cock so you stay thicker, longer and harder! The smoothly concave shape of this ring makes it look like your dick is exploding out of the ring! You're sure to be cocky with this one!

Go bump in the night with the SurgeBLACK cock ring!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer.)  



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