Get the Party Started!  ...with a Ball Weight!


Get the party started with a ball weight from gear essentials!  As the hottie in the center of the action demonstrates, everyone can appreciate what your ball stretcher does for you! 


Love the One you Fuck!

The guy or gal you're fucking will appreciate how the ball stretcher, regardless of size, bounces against them with every thrust of your hard cock.  It provides one more point of erogenous contact between you and your lover.  We have had many customers tell us that they no longer fuck without it.


Tea for Two?

You've got to love tea-bagging it!  The guy sucking your balls will love how your ball weight pulls them down and away from your body, stretching your nuts tight.  When you are wearing your ball stretcher your ball sac is much more sensitive because they are pulled tight--every flick of the tongue or lick will send shivers of sexual excitement up your spine.  And they are 'captured' and dangling right there--just waiting to be tongued and nibbled.


Explosively Yours!

We'll admit it. The one who will have the best time wearing a ball stretcher (or two) is YOU! It starts the moment you put it on. It seems like your prick ticks up with excitement. You feel the tug and twist of the ball weight on your balls as you move.

“Some Guy” from Detroit wrote on Nice fit and finish, as expected. The swing is nicely -- mmm --- stimulating, and it's comfortable enough to wear all day (when going out, choose your trousers carefully if you don't want to attract undue attention!).”

When you are nearly ready to explode in an orgasm, your ball weight prevents your nads from retracting. This causes your orgasm to last longer and many men report that they cum more.


The Party Has Started: The 16 Ounce Ball Weight by gear essentials 


The 16 Ounce ball weight is one of our top sellers. It is worn & fills your pants for a swing and a look that will get you noticed. It will still put an erotic tug on your balls as you move around. This weight has a bandwidth of 1 inch.

If you are first-timer or have high and tight balls, you probably should start with an 8 ounce ball weight. Don’t fear that you won’t feel the impact—you will!) Ty from Kansas wrote“Awesome product! I had never worn one before maybe should have started with the 8oz but opted for the 16oz instead, with 1 1/2 diameter. Love the feel of the added swing and the tug! Thank you Gear Essentials!!”

All our weights are made of stainless steel to the same high standards that you've come to expect from the hard-working Midwestern folks at gear essentials.

Isn’t it time YOU got the party started?

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!






(Photo submitted by customer.)  



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