Sensory Deprivation & Heightened Sexual Arousal


Have you ever tried to heighten sexual arousal and response by sensory deprivation? Studies have shown that when we take one of our five senses away, the others will step it up to compensate. So if your vision is suddenly restricted, your sense of smell, hearing, taste and touch will become much more intense.

This could get very interesting!

How much better could sex be if our sense of touch was amplified? How much influence does our sense of taste or smell have on our sex life? Men in particular tend to be most highly stimulated by the visual. What happens when the visual is eliminated completely? Do the other senses kick in or do we substitute other images in our imagination?

Or is the sex just that much kick-ass better?!

Below are a series of pictures that just got us thinking...


On His Knees: Visually-Deprived & VERY Aware


Playing a scene is a fantasy that a lot of guys have. Vulnerable on his knees and wearing only a jock strap, socks, leather boots and a mask, this 'boy' is fully experiencing and enjoying his heightened senses of smell and taste. (Does the smell of leather give anyone else a boner?)


Blinded: But Discovering Intense Pleasure with His Other Senses


Bobbing on the end of his thick knob, he cannot see (due to his mask) but his perception of the throbbing dick in his mouth is intensified. His tongue feels the ridge of the corona and traces every raised vein. He tastes the salty tang of pre-cum and smells the intense man-musk. He feels the firm grip on the back of his head guiding him up and down the hard prick.

One of the keys to successful sensory deprivation is trust. (Although there is an exception to every 'rule'—we know that some of you totally get off on the mystery, fear and danger involved in being blindfolded, handcuffed or tied up by someone you don't know.. Hey, whatever gets your rocks off! ENJOY!) We would recommend--at least for the beginner--that you play with someone you know and trust. This allows you to relax in the knowledge that regardless of the 'scene' you create, they will do nothing to endanger you. If not, the resulting trauma could provide you with years of material for your therapist…


Taking it: Pumped Prick Brought to You by the Titan .6 C Ring by gear essentials


He's taking it all in. The absence of sight is jump-starting his brain to instantly connect with what is happening in the here-and-now. If you are someone who tends to live in your head, this is a great way to get grounded in what is happening NOW. Focus on the moment as the sensations you are experiencing start to convert themselves into waves of pleasure racing up and down your spine and radiating from your groin. I'm always amazed as I see men in bondage situations with raging hard ons. Do you suppose they are enjoying themselves? The evidence points to.....YES!



Highly Arrounsed: Bobbing on a Pumped Prick with a Titan C Ring by gear essentials


Being blindfolded and suckling a beautiful pumped up cock (in this case supported and engorged further by a Titan .6 brushed stainless steel cock ring), you find yourself transported beyond yourself into a place where your whole universe is centered on the hard dick in your mouth. Your purpose at that moment is to experience the heat, the texture, the pulse (as you feel the blood course through this inflated phallus) and the taste of this penis. You have lost your sight and you lose your sense of self-interest as you become focused and concerned about this dick in front of you. Both you and your partner will experience incredible feelings as you get lost in the passion of this moment.

Here we have to brag on the part played by his cock ring. This is the Titan .6--a .6 inch wide band of mirrored or brushed stainless steel that restricts the flow of blood in the penis. This results in a thicker, longer and more sensitive cock. Imagine that the blindfold was suddenly put on the man wearing the cockring. All of his sensations are suddenly centered on what is happening in his groin. Heat radiates and vibrates through his body. His dick is more sensitive to every flick of the tongue, the pressure of suction and the stroke of a helping hand. There is going to be an explosive orgasm in the near future!


Highly Arrounsed: Blindly Taking a Huge Dick Down Your Hot Throat


Deprived of senses, but not of pleasure!

You can easily try this experiment yourself. Check out our new leather masks (just $9.95). They are designed to keep you in the ‘dark’ and stay firmly in place. Amplify your senses and enjoy even better sex!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photo submitted by customer.)  


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Blindfolds are incredible! When trust is already established, they take it to a new level and I find I become very submissive and “service-oriented”. Not being able to anticipate is hot. Not seeing the paddle as it is swung makes its impact that much more fun. Trusting my partner to walk me around safely does some very good things in my head. Having what I experience of my partner controlled puts me in a good place and we enjoy alternating this role. When I am put on all fours I don’t know if it will be for sex or a paddling or both.

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