‘Grinder’ With a Fury:  The Pleasure of a Heavier C Ring


There is nothing like a firm hunk of solid stainless steel wrapping itself around my cock and balls. It gives a sense of stability and support. It pulls my package up and forward—in the summer I really like it because it lifts my balls up and away from my body so they aren’t flopping all over (it’s even better when I add my ball weight to the mix as well—but that’s another blog!)

The two hot cockrings pictured below are favorites. Both are big and bold—but the Fury is gear essentials’ widest stainless steel.

A few days ago we received the following anonymous review on gearessentials.com: “What can I say? They call it the Fury! After my amazing introductory steel experience with the Titan .2 I decided biggest and widest and tightest MUST be best. Well, yes and no. This ring is perfect but I consider it my "bedroom ring". I now have several more Gear Essential rings and this is perhaps the one that gets the least wear (besides my now-retired-in-favor-of-wider-bandwidth .2 Titan). Whereas others I wear all day, the Fury is usually reserved for shorter, incredibly intense sex and most often for amazing solo ventures. As always with Gear Essentials; complete top quality in design, manufacturing, style and comfort. Totally recommended but know what you're getting into. ;)”

Unlike anonymous, I enjoy wearing my Fury all day long. (That’s part of the fun—we are all built differently and have different preferences and comfort levels. If this wasn’t the case we would just sell one style of penis ring!) I enjoy the weight and width of this ring. This baby weighs over 10 Ounces (286 grams) and is nearly an inch wide. Despite the cold snap we are experiencing here in the Great North, I was hanging full and low all day with this baby on! I love that feeling!

When you wear it while fucking, your partner will enjoy the extra power (due to its weight) in your thrusts. Get ready for a power fuck!


With a Fury: Studying the Grinder & Fury C Rings by gear essentials


The Grinder penis ring has good heft to it as well. It weighs in at nearly 5 ounces (137 grams; about half the weight of the Fury) and is .6 inches in bandwidth (15 mm). This is great if you want an interesting but slim profile and a bit less weight hanging around your jewels. One of the beautiful features of this ring is how sunlight reflects off the nut-like facets.

Mike from Atlanta wrote the following: “I love the Grinder c-ring! Just tried it out in the steam room on my partner and my orgasm was out of this world hot! The look and quality are excellent. Another well made product by GearEssentials.”

Mike takes us to the bottom line (you knew there would be a bottom in here somewhere, didn’t you?!) The purpose of a rigid cock ring is to keep your prick thicker, harder, longer, stronger and more sensitive. The blood flow is restricted into your dick keeping you PUMPED! This means better sex.

Oh, and it looks and feels incredibly hot too!



‘Grinder’ Good! It’s Gonna be a HOT Night with the Grinder & Fury C Rings



The beauty of life is that you have so many choices. Wear what makes you feel good, look good and gives you the best performance. Life is too short not to experience the best sex!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photo by Richard Yates. See more of Richard’s work here: http://richardyatesphotography.blogspot.com/?zx=daf8122d98c97742 )  


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That man on the right is so hot, and I like the way that the Fury ring looks.

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