Working Out Your Look for 2014 (Part II)


How is your workout program going? I’ll confess that mine isn’t going so well!

But I’m still following my old trainer’s advice! "Dress for the way you are GOING to look!" If you look good it means that you will feel better about yourself, better about hauling your ass to the gym and better about your workout.

Here’s another suggestion to help you discover your feel-good look for 2014. We'll continue to blog about other options in the coming weeks.

The Grappler Jock

A Hint of Package: The Grappler Jock by CellBlock 13


The Grappler Jock is supremely comfortable in a light but supportive mesh fabric. From a distance it appears solid but as you get closer you can see a clear hint of the beauty that lies beneath. The pouch is roomy enough for cock ring, glans ring and ball weights yet supportive of your package. You will find that this is awesome for hard workouts as well as hard play. It’s a look that will incite lustful stares!


Just Try & Keep Your Hands Off! The Grappler Jock by CellBlock 13
& There’s a Hit of the Full Screw C Ring Beneath…


The 3” wide waist band features the CellBlock 13 logo and keeps everything where it is supposed to be. The larger than average width means it doesn’t bind or pinch. As you can see, it begs to be touched—they’ll have a hard time keeping their hands off.

Colors available: Blue mesh with black trim, black mesh with yellow trim or red mesh with black trim. All feature a contrasting waistband and trim in spandex-poly blend for that Timoteo supreme comfort and body-hugging fit!


A Fine Looking Ass! Well-Framed in the Grappler Jock by CellBlock 13


There is nothing like a fine-looking firm ass.  This jock strap really enhances what you've got and makes his ass look pumped and firm. The wide nylon/elastic straps support and lift your assets and frames the treasure your partner desires.  You will be hard to resist!


Unwrapping the Package: Pulling Down the 3” Waistband
Revealing the Full Screw C Ring by gear essentials


Once the waistband is lowered get ready for some heavy action! Just try to restrain yourself from touching. These boys are reaching out to touch--touch amazing dicks kept pumped up and fuller by their stainless steel cock rings. Don't forget to give your dick the much-needed support from a cock ring. It will keep your rod up front, centered and away from your body for a more pronounced bulge and measurably greater comfort. (I especially like a thicker cockring when I’m working out. It keeps my hot, sweaty balls from hitting my thighs as much.)



 Here he is wearing a Full Screw light-weight aluminum penis ring. This baby is super-comfortable because of its ‘hardly-there’ weight as well as the extreme interior comfort fit styling. If you are like me, you might just forget you have it on!


Take the Plunge & Take it OFF! The Plunge & Total Plunge C Rings by gear essentials


These hot men are showing off thicker dicks thanks to their Plunge and Total Plunge cock rings. These are also light-weight aluminum featuring our exclusive interior comfort fit design. They are great for work-all-day / play-all-night wear. Super comfortable yet still providing everything you need a cock ring to do. Wear these in the locker room and they will let the world know how cocky you are--and how cocky you deserve to be!



Pumping it UP! Staying Hard in the Grappler Jock


Once the workout is over—the real workout begins! That’s when you are high on endorphins and horny as hell! Think of it as a cool-down or your second workout of the day--regardless, get ready to burn some calories!

Add your ‘love-muscle’ to the list of muscles that have been trained today. Keep it pumped and hard!

Look your best in 2014 and stay focused, stay motivated and stay sexy!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photos by David Lee, Richard Yates, & Timoteo.)  



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