A Better Top = Better Sex / from the Titan .4 C Ring

We originally posted a pic of this hot leather lad last November. We got quite a response so we knew we had to share more pictures of this up-and-cumming leather top.


Geared for Better Sex: You Want to Know what’s In That Pouch…


This young leather top has figured out that a cock ring will make you a better top.


A Better Top: the Titan .4 Cock Ring by gear essentials


You can spot a glimmer of his Titan .4 cock ring beneath his ripe, plump balls. Even while relaxing you can see that his cockring is keeping his prick thick and full. When it’s time to perform, you know that he will be bigger, harder, longer and stronger! His lucky bottom will be writhing and moaning with intense pleasure. That’s the secret power of a cock ring—it restricts the blood flowing into your dick from leaving again. This guarantees that you reach your fullest potential—and enjoy better sex!

An added bonus is that a cock ring makes your dick more sensitive as well. You will feel each nuance, each caress as never before. Your immediate reactions to each signal sent by your bottom will improve your love-making skills even more.

Who knew sex could be even better?


Better Sex: He’s a Fuck Machine with the Titan .4 Cock Ring by gear essentials


The Titan series of cock rings is a no fuss no muss line. Hand-crafted of solid stainless steel in the US, they are classically simple yet elegant. They also feature gently curved edges for all-day comfort. Available in either satin brushed or mirrored finish, they get the job done.

Available in three bandwidths and four sizes, there is bound to be a great fit for anyone. This style is also available in our new glans rings.

What do gear essentials’ customers say about the Titans? An anonymous customer wrote the following review on gearessentials.com: After an exploratory phase of cheaper nickel and rubber rings of various sizes, I finally discovered the Titan; most likely the best ring manufactured on the planet. These rings are a bit costly but the quality is second to none and they look and feel so damn good. I have all three sizes of the Titan. My experience with larger diameter rings always had me wishing for smaller, and have settled on 1 3/4 for all of them. Initially starting with the .2, it's perfect for all day wear and great as a first experience, but once on to the .4 I think I'll retire the smaller one. The .4 is subtle, you can forget it's there and wear it all day everywhere. Then there's the .6. I have several other Gear Essential rings and they all have a time and place, but this one tops the list. This is the one I wear every day, all day now. It looks great and you are more often reminded it is there than with the .4 (good thing) Sex with the .6 is exquisite. Can't recommend these enough and in my experience, if in doubt start here. IMO; .2 for introductory, .4 subtle all day wear, .6 the only one you'll ever need. Thanks Gear Essentials!”

John from Phoenix wrote: “I've bought a few lesser cockrings over the years but this is the real deal. The Titan 0.6" is beautifully made, looks great, thrusts my gear forward so it can be seen doting the day and takes sex to a whole new level in the bedroom. It kept me harder and thicker while being very comfortable. My partner reported feeling me throbbing pleasantly. I was able to concentrate on my partner's pleasure rather than on my own performance AND it kept me hard a long time after I came so we could stay together longer after the big event.”


Want better sex? Put on a cock ring! Want to be a better top? Get a cock ring from gear essentials! gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!

WHERE TO FIND IT: The Titan C Ring: http://gearessentials.com/collections/cockrings/products/titan


(Photos submitted by customer. On-line reviewers are not pictured.)


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Nothing hotter than a boy in leather with a huge cock ready for action. This guy made me wet!

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