Omega C Ring:  A Rear View


It’s not often that we can show you a rear view of a cock ring (a view that we think is pretty hot) but here is one for your pleasure!

This smooth lad has his cock and balls neatly wrapped up in an Omega cock ring. We get a lot of comments from folks who love being fucked by someone wearing this ring (see Rick’s review below). But if you are the one doing the fucking, it can also be handy for keeping his package neatly tied up and out of the way.

You can also see that it wraps up his package nicely. If you like going down on a guy this is even more exciting—it’s all right there!

When you wear a cock ring it feels great because it gives you extra support and keeps the blood flow from leaving your dick. But it also pulls your balls and prick up and forward so they are more prominent and (if you have floppy balls like me) it keeps your balls from sticking to your legs in hot weather.

The Omega is a perennial favorite. Perhaps Rick, a customer from Chicago who posted on says it best: Why do I like the Omega best? Several reasons... the weight is definitely a plus. The Imperial is close but... The shape too! The Imperial is fantastic comfort wise but for some reason? The intensity of the orgasms I get from the Omega seem to be significantly stronger. I suspect that it has something to do with how & where it sits that seems to give added stimulation to the exterior prostate in the perineum region? One other benefit to the Omega style (which won't apply to everyone) is that again, after rigorous testing of various styles, the Omega has the added benefit (For Her!) when She is on top, of providing additional clitoral stimulation that by account... Has caused her to "See Stars & nearly Pass Out" because of the intensity of Her Orgasms.... BRAVO!!!”


A Rear View: The Omega C Ring by gear essentials


This ring is gear essentials’ most massive at 11 ounces (312 grams), yet it is surprisingly comfortable. (In fact, due to the pure round shape of this ring combined with the weight, many men find greater sex by ordering one size smaller than usual. This gives a great fit, excellent comfort, is visually stunning and prevents the ring from sliding down your shaft when you are flaccid.)

We think the beautifully crafted and finished solid stainless Omega penis rings are works of art. (Many customers have written to tell us that they agree.) Do you want the ultimate experience? Get the Omega.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT: The Omega C Ring:


(Photo provided by customer. Note: this pic is not Rick.)


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A beautiful boy waiting for his daddy or maybe just a friend to walk up and make him a very happy boy! I love the look of a big cockering from behind, especially on a very smooth guy. Fortunately I have my own to enjoy this view any time I want. He may be getting an Omega now!

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