Increase the Power with the Torque


When you need more power in your sex life, consider a cock ring.



In the case of the stud pictured below, consider the Torque. The Torque cockring is an architecturally-inspired penis ring crafted from solid stainless steel. Its wider bandwidth (.6 inches) provides support and pushes your cock and balls forward. Blood flows into your engorging penis and is restricted by your cock ring from leaving. This leaves you thicker, fuller and harder. The Torque will bring more power to your fucking--over four ounces of additional torque to make your bottom writhe with pleasure!  Be a better top!


Increase the Power: the Torque Cock Ring by gear essentials


Michael J. from Minneapolis wrote the following review on “This has surpassed the Imperial as my favorite ring. I think it's the best-looking ring Gear makes, and that's saying something! I prefer it because it weighs a couple ounces less than the Imperial, making it less likely to slide off when things are warm and hanging low. It's comfortable and the 2 1/8" fits perfectly. The perfect design to complement a company named Gear Essentials. :)”

You may find that the Torque will become one of your gear essentials too!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:  The Torque C Ring:


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