Triple Threat:  Ball Weight, Glans & C Ring


We have been getting a lot of e-mails this past week regarding how to keep your dick at its fullest throughout the day. Everyone knows that when you are hard a cock ring keeps your prick fatter, longer and even harder. But what about when you are sitting at your desk checking e-mails or reviewing projects with your boss?

Today I am wearing the Triple Threat! The Triple Threat consists of cock ring (always the first thing I put on every day) plus a glans ring and a ball weight. I realize this sounds like a lot of weight (think of it as ‘strength training’ for your dick) but it’s just right! The stud pictured below is wearing a Torque, Titan .2 glans ring and 16 Oz. PISTON ball stretcher. While it’s a lot of metal, the cock ring should fit snug against your pubes—this is a weight that you won’t notice (although your partner will—with a smile—when you are fucking!) The Titan .2 head ring is about ½ Oz. This isn’t enough to make you worry that it’s going to slide of your dick on a hot day but enough so you feel it. (I am wearing the Titan .4—it’s gear essentials’ heaviest at 1 Oz. I enjoy the added weight because it pulls my flaccid dick down and exaggerates the swing so I fully experience that ‘mini-hand job in my pants’ effect. It’s a pretty simple design—many consider some of our other glans rings to be more attractive—but when it’s just me and my fly is zipped up, this works pretty well.)

The man pictured below also has one pound of metal wrapped around his balls. That is enough to really be felt as it pulls your sac away from your body. Throughout the day it gives you that swing, tug and twist that is so amazingly sensual. I think it also keeps your dick longer because you are so ultra-sensitive to what is going on in your pants. I am wearing an 8 Oz. today—half the size of what he is wearing. I like it because it doesn’t have quite as much pull and I can go 20 hours with it on and not experience any ball fatigue.


Triple Threat: Keeping it BIG with the PISTON Ball Weight,
Torque C Ring & Titan .2 Glans Ring by gear essentials


In a recent review on, AusJon from Sydney, Australia wrote: “This piece is amazing, the best ball weight I've used. Don't even think about messing around with any other type! I've ordered the 24 now, and maybe one day the 32 will also be swinging between my legs.”

As AusJon says, ‘this piece is amazing’! You will love the tug, twist and pull. It feels great as you wear it throughout the day, the delayed orgasm it causes when your balls cannot retract up can be mind-blowing and your partner will love feeling it swinging. In addition, with regular wearing your balls will stretch (which is why it is also known as a ‘ball stretcher’!)



Triple Threat: Admiring His Essential Gear from gear essentials


A few days ago, Tim from Florida commented on “I purchased the .2 - 1'' I love the tight feel. Only after a few days I needed to order the .4 wanted that extra weight to feel the tug. I love them both.”

I love them both too. At times I will stack a Titan .2 and a Titan .4 (I enjoy the look and the added weight). One of the beauties of the classically simple Titan series is that they really do mix, match and stack very well. You can find the look and feel that suits you best.


Sheer Joy from gear essentials


When it comes right down to it, the goal of our gear is to make you feel better, perform better and look better. Not all cock rings, ball weights and glans rings are created equal. We pride ourselves in crafting a superior product that will stand the test of time—and keep your dick standing with the best of them. If you want the best—and to feel your best, check it out!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos by David Lee.  These are not pics of AusJon or Tim.)



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