Four-Handed Massage Part I:  SurgeBLACK C Ring


This past weekend I was treated to a four-handed massage. I had seen these lean and mean guys before so they were familiar with what I do for a living (even on the massage table, I have my gear on!) At the conclusion of our last massage session we all sat around trying on cock rings, ball weights and glans rings. They had never worn any gear, were interested and pretty excited about the potential.

So this time, they were prepared. Chuck had been thinking about the Plunge cockring (check back to see both Chuck and Nick in the Plunge in a future blog). After determining sizes, they both put on a cock ring before our massage session began. Now I had four hands on my body as well as being poked by two other appendages. Is this what they mean by 'full service?!'


Four Hands | 2 Dicks: The SurgeBLACK & Surge C Rings by gear essentials

The SurgeBLACK was just introduced at International Mr. Leather (IML) last Spring. This .6 inch penis ring is crafted out of medical grade plastic right here in Minnesota. Our first non-metal ring (the Grip) was so popular we had to create another--and in another style that is even MORE popular: the Surge (as worn by Nick above). This material is so safe it is used in medical devices that are implanted inside the body. It has a slight give but it's hard–to keep you HARD! The smoothly concave shape of this ring makes it look like your dick is exploding out of the ring! Your chubby will look amazing popping out of this black band.

(Chuck had decided before he arrived that he wanted a Surge; however, he also went home with a SurgeBLACK cock ring. He knows what looks good!)


The SurgeBLACK: Chuck is Chubbed in this Ring from gear essentials


Chuck is looking amazingly hot in his new SurgeBLACK cock ring. It kept his already meaty member even bigger throughout the massage. He found it to be very comfortable and when he took it off he felt like something was missing! This is not an uncommon reaction. There is something so comforting and supportive about a cock ring. Not to mention that it keeps the blood IN your dick so you stay harder, thicker and longer. (When you have to look good naked—and these guys do—a little help is not a bad thing!) Chuck promised to report back how his girlfriend likes it. We think she is going to be one very satisfied lady!


Massage Envy: Check Out this Package!


There are so many reasons for wearing a cock ring: it gives you bigger and stronger erections, it supports you throughout the day and it makes your package more impressive. Granted, Chuck has a great dick but the cock ring shows it off at its best. Wouldn’t you stop and check out this package twice!?

Whatever your reason for wearing your cock ring, you know it will give you the boost you deserve! Whether four hands, two hands or just your own, don’t you want to be your best?

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos by Jay Williams.)


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A four-handed happy ending must be totally awesome! Gotta try that sometime. The SurgeBLACK is a great cockring. I bought one for times when I have to go through airports but find it’s a great, light everyday ring when I want a change from half a pound of Master steel. But year, when you get used to wearing great rings and take one off, something is really missing. :)

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