Here is Part II of our series on Chuck and Nick, the four-handed massage guys!

As I wrote yesterday, I was treated to a four-handed massage by these handsome men last weekend. I had seen these lean and mean guys before so they were familiar with what I do for a living (even on the massage table, I keep my gear on!) After our last massage we all sat around trying on cock rings, ball weights and glans rings. They had never worn any but were very interested and pretty excited about the potential.


Four Hands | 2 Dicks: Chuck in SurgeBLACK &
Nick wearing the Surge C Ring & PISTON Ball Weight by gear essentials


When they arrived they were prepared with a few ideas about what gear they would like to take home with them. Nick has amazing low-hanger balls so he is a natural for a ball weight. He had tried on a 16 ounce (1 inch bandwidth) but really enjoyed the ease and comfort of the 8 ounce (1/2 inch bandwidth). This is a great choice for a first-timer. It is easy to put on, has enough weight to give you the warm-glow sensations of a ball weight’s tugs and twists but isn’t so heavy that you end up with ball fatigue after a couple of hours. Nick had plenty of swing!


Another Angle: SurgeBLACK, Surge C Ring & PISTON Ball Weight


As I mentioned yesterday, Chuck had been thinking about the Plunge cockring (you will see both of them wearing the Plunge in a blog soon). Both Nick and Chuck put on a cock ring before our massage session began. I had four hands on my body as well as being poked by two other perky appendages. That’s what I call a hand’s on approach!



Lean & Mean: SurgeBLACK, Surge C Ring & PISTON Ball Weight


The Surge cock ring is an elegant ring crafted from light-weight aluminum. The smoothly concave elegance of this design may be the first thing you notice. Actually—you will probably notice how your dick seems to explode out of this ring due to that shape. The ring looks like it is restricting your thickening prick as it wraps around the base of your cock and balls. You will feel the power and get an amazing reaction!

The Surge, like all the penis rings in the ROBO collection, features our signature interior comfort fit. This means you can easily wear this .6-inch (15 MM) wide band under tight underwear with no discomfort. In fact, you just might forget you even have it on!

However, when it’s time for your prick to come out and play you will quickly remember you are wearing a solid band of metal around your dick. Blood flow will be restricted from leaving your hardening rod resulting in a thicker, harder, longer and more powerful dick. Let the fun begin!


Manscaped Mighty Cock in the Surge C Ring & PISTON Ball Weight


Every so often we will hear from a guy who complains about pubic hair getting pulled by his cock ring. Manscaping is the key to making it easier to put a cock ring on as well as being more comfortable to wear. (And of special note, guys: MANSCAPING MAKES YOUR JUNQUE LOOK BIGGER!) It is also easy to do quickly in the shower and it makes your dick feel smooth, soft and highly-touchable!


Smoking Hot: Unscrewing His Ball Stretcher by gear essentials


You can see Nick is checking out an array of gear! It’s nice to have choices. Here he is unscrewing the PISTON Ball stretcher.

The PISTON ball weight is a new look at gear essentials. The 8 ounce weight that Nick is wearing is the lightest size we offer and the best choice for someone new to wearing ball stretchers. It is much easier to put on and take off (because you are fitting less ‘raw material’ into the ball weight). The original gear essentials ball weights are in a satiny-smooth finish. However, this style ramps up the heat with shiny grooves. These are essentially two halves of a ring (sometimes known as a split ring ball weight) that are then screwed together. There is a notch on one side and an Allen screw on the other. We prefer this style because there is less chance of it falling off during hot and heavy play—or when you get overheated during your normal work day! No one wants to see, hear or FEEL a pound of stainless steel hit the floor (or your foot!)

The magic of these man-accessories is that they give an erotic tug and twist as you move throughout your day (I love wearing my 8 ounce weights all day long—that’s why I smile so much!) The swing of this on the end of your ball sac can feel wild! It can also delay your orgasm slightly because the combination of weight and bandwidth prevent your balls from retracting prior to cumming—many report more intense ejaculations as well as more volume of cum. Some guys use this size to ‘stack’ onto another ball weight. This can be done to add more intensity or to just give your ball sac more stretch. (Plus it’s a great way to move up to the next size.)

The ball weights, just like our cock rings, are made right here in Minnesota, USA.


Four Hands | 2 Dicks: Nick ‘Splits’ the PISTON Ball Weight by gear essentials


In the picture above Nick has separated the two halves of the ball weight. The first time I put one on it took me over ten minutes. Now I can do it in as many seconds! (Some tips: It is easier if your ball sac is warmed up—after a hot shower is ideal. Leave the screw loosely inserted so it acts as a ‘hinge point’. This eliminates the need to line up one side—you just swing the nub around, make sure there is no tender skin between the two halves and slowly tighten. The kick back and enjoy the pleasure!)

You also can see Chuck in the SurgeBLACK cock ring again. Crafted out of medical-grade plastic it is body safe and won’t set off the machines at the TSA! (Chuck had decided before he arrived that he wanted a Surge; however, he also went home with a SurgeBLACK cock ring. He knows what looks good!)

Want to know more about the SurgeBLACK penis ring Chuck is wearing? Check out yesterday’s blog (27 January 2014) for more info.

Get better sex with a cock ring and a ball weight. In fact, you can enjoy more schwing on your balls! I know a lot of couples who won't fuck without it. Many others have commented that it makes masturbation more pleasurable. I get more sensual pleasure out of every moment of every day when I’m hugged by my ball weight.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos by Jay Williams.) 



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