Four-Handed Massage Part III:  Plunge C Ring


Part III is here! We took a break yesterday to educate on how to put on a cock ring.

Interestingly, we had the same discussion with Chuck and Nick, the four-handed massage guys.

These ripped guys treated me to an amazing four-handed (and some poking by two hard dicks well-supported by cock rings) massage last weekend. I had seen them before so they were familiar with what I do for a living (of course I was wearing my gear—even on the massage table!) After the previous massage we all sat around trying on cock rings, ball weights and glans rings. This was a new concept to them so they were interested in the potential.


A New Ring: Nick Tries On the Plunge C Ring by gear essentials


In the picture above Nick is wearing the light-weight aluminum Plunge cockring. We first started working in aluminum in mid-2012 and found that it was amazingly comfortable and the finish takes on a certain high-tech glow. In addition, it is body-safe so you can wear it without fear.

It looks great on his dick, doesn’t it? It will definitely keep the goods front and central; poised away from your body for great support and amazingly hot looks.

When they first arrived they had some ideas as to which gear they would like to take home. Chuck was focused on the Plunge. He ended up going home with the Plunge as well as the SurgeBLACK cock rings.


Chuck: Proudly Pumped in the Plunge C Ring by gear essentials


As I mentioned yesterday, Chuck had been focused on getting the Plunge penis ring. gear essentials’ exclusive interior comfort fit means that this .6-inch wide ring is comfortable all day both in and out of tight underwear.

Speaking of tight underwear….


Massage Envy: Check Out Chuck’s Package!


There are so many reasons why men wear cock rings: bigger and stronger erections, a penis ring supports you throughout the day and it certainly makes your package more impressive. Granted, Chuck has a great dick, but his cock ring enhances it, makes his dick more pronounced and shows it off at its best. Wouldn’t you stop and check out this package twice (if not more!?)


Another Angle of Chuck in the Plunge C Ring by gear essentials


The Plunge features a satin sheen finish that reflects off the evenly spaced divots. Once securely wrapped around your tool, you will want to take the plunge. Over and over…

Chuck did. Shouldn’t you?

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos by Jay Williams.)



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