Get a Grip & Give a Hug... The Power of the “10 Second Hug”


"Get a grip!"

Ever heard that expression? Get a grip on your job, get a grip on your game or get a grip on your relationships. There is a lot going on in our world. For me this past year has been tough due to family illnesses and two deaths in the family. At gear essentials we have seen our business grow (thank you all for that!) and that comes with growing pains. There are definitely days when I say to myself, "Get a grip!"

Those are the times when it is especially important to slow down and take time for you. Find what grounds you. Is it time with friends, ‘alone’ time to meditate, chopping wood, working out or taking a long walk? I've found that those are the times when I need what I call the 'ten second hug'.

I actually read about this on Facebook (where else?!) It made sense so I started doing it.

Now I realize that ten seconds is a very long time to hold someone in an embrace (particularly when clothed--when you are naked it just seems to come naturally!) You also have to choose your victims wisely! The UPS guy, regardless of how hot he looks in those brown shorts, may not appreciate the friendliness of your ten second hug!

However, there are HUGE benefits to giving a long hug. Psychologist Dr. Jan Astrom states that "The positive emotional experience of hugging gives a rise to biochemical and physiological reactions." What does this mean? It lowers your blood pressure, it releases stress-reducing oxytocin (also known as the 'feel good' hormone), lowers the risk of infections and eases depression.

I’m feeling better already!

If you are in a long-term relationship, take time to check in with the ten second hug. You will be amazed at how it grounds your relationship and brings you closer together. We get busy and it is so easy to drift.

You may also find that a ten second hug increases the blood flow to your dick. In that case, your huggee will likely want to get a grip on your Grip cock ring!


Get a Grip: The Grip C Ring by gear essentials


The Grip was a huge departure for gear essentials. Where historically we had always crafted our cockrings from solid stainless steel, this was an experiment in medical-grade plastic. And the experiment was a huge success!

This material, so safe that it is used in surgeries, is firm yet with a bit of internal give. It is part of our ROBO collection (which also includes light-weight aluminum rings) so it features our exclusive interior comfort fit for work-all-day / play-all-night comfort.

Like our metal rings, the Grip will give you support and lift. When you have a hard on, it is bigger, harder, more sensitive and much more impressive!

So, put on your Grip penis ring, give a ten second hug and then GET A GRIP!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT: The Grip C Ring:


    (Photo provided by customer.)


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    To quote my partner, “Man! What a HOT daddy!” Okay, I’m his hot daddy and I’ll let him say that. The simple truth is that when you have the rest going on, look and feel good, a fine cockring accentuates a male’s equipment, draws the eye to it and makes it stand out. Since getting into Gear Essentials cockrings, I have to wonder about any guy who doesn’t wear one. They’re fun, feel great and frame the package perfectly. They say, “Yeah. I’m proud of this!”

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