Four-Handed Massage Part IV:  Packing a Powerful Package


Over the past week we’ve shared quite a few pictures of the four-handed massage guys, Chuck and Nick. We were impressed with their packages before they put cock rings on BUT we were even more impressed after they slipped those rings on their hot dicks!

 We know that most guys don’t care about appearances. “Take ‘em as you find ‘em,” right? But for the two or three of you reading this who do want to make a very good impression, read on.


Chuck Fills Out His Hanes with His Plunge C Ring


Don't worry that your sexual conquest will think you cheated when they unzip your fly and discover your cock ring. Trust us, when they see that engorged boner they won't waste too much energy worrying about 'false advertising!'



Nick & Chuck Are Packing Powerful Packages thanks to Cockrings from gear essentials


Want to stand out? You will when you wear your cock ring. It pushes you forward, up and out (of course, there are variations depending upon your build). But why not show off to your best advantage?



When the Underwear Comes Off....
The SurgeBLACK & Surge C Rings; PISTON Ball Weight


And most importantly, when the underwear slips off those slim hips you know that your cock ring will take your performance and sexual satisfaction to new highs. When it fits correctly, your penis ring should keep your prick slightly thicker than normal when flaccid and MUCH harder, thicker and longer when erect. Both you and your partner will enjoy sex more when you have your trusty cock ring wrapped around your cock and balls. Prepare to perform your best—because you are packing a powerful package!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos by Jay Williams.)



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