Feel the tug & twist on those sensitive balls! 

There is nothing like the feel of a hunk of stainless steel playing on your balls. There are so many reasons to love the feeling. Lucius from Washington, DC wrote: "I have the 16oz and 24oz - I like both - the 16oz I wear for extended times doing just about anything including working in the yard, walking in the neighborhood, going out for Dinner. The 24oz, I wear for more tug and usually wear around the house until I am ready to "blow" Looking forward to trying the 32oz soon. Gear Essential's fast shipping will have your new gear at door promptly."

"Ready to Blow" with a Ball Weight from gear essentials


Whether you wear a 16 Oz. or the 24 Oz. ball stretcher pictured above, it will bring pleasure with every step, move or thrust. The tug and twist erotically stimulates your ball sac (all too often ignored) and leads to even more powerful (and delayed) orgasms. When you are about to cum, your balls retract up into your torso--ball weights prevent that from happening.  When fucking, your partner will also get an extra Tantric erotic charge as it bounces against him or her. Plus you will enjoy the rhythm of the motion as your balls are played with. Talk about sensory overload.

You'll be ready to blow in your ball weights!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


WHERE TO FIND IT:   24 Oz. Ball Weight:  http://gearessentials.com/collections/ball-weights/products/ball-weight-24oz




(Photo submitted by customer. Lucius is not pictured.)





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