The Grinder Cockring and the Tea-Bagger


We have been lucky enough to hang out with Lance Navarro, one of the sweetest dirty studs you'll ever meet! (And he has a thick dick that goes on forever!)

Based on the picture below it looks like it's going to be put to good use very soon. Lance's monster meat is thick and getting hard in his Grinder cock ring. You know you're not going to miss this dick if you go bump in the night! 

Cockrings are basic science. As the excitement and sexual tension builds, blood flows into your prick making it thicker, harder, longer and more sensitive. Your package grows reaching new engorged proportions. As your pulse quickens your cock stretches and rubs against your clothes--and your partner. Electricity runs up and down your pecker and your spine. Warmth spreads through your groin. Your knob feels ready to explode.

You are ready for action. You're wearing your Grinder.


The Grinder Cockring and the Tea-Bagger


Your hard equipment will bust a nut with our Grinder cock ring, designed for the distinguished man whose equipment is geared up for a night of heavy passion. This hard-working stainless steel cock ring weighs in at nearly 5 ounces and is .6 inches wide so it will lift up your package and push it front and center so you are star of the show. Put it on and get carried away!

We thought you might like to take a closer look.


The Grinder Cockring by gear essentials and the Tea-Bagger 


Slip on the Grinder cock ring and experience an amazing night of passion.

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo 1 Lance Navarro. You can follow Lance on Twitter and Facebook @LanceNavarro. Photo 2 by Richard Yates.)



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