Stacked Ball Weights and the Titan Glans Ring -


Commando (wearing no underwear)--or better yet, wearing nothing at all--is the best way to go through life. When your 'rod and tackle' are free to bob and move at will, life is good. And it feels so good.  

It feels especially good when you are wearing ball weights (for example the stacked set on the stud below) and a glans ring.

I was having a conversation with Brad on Facebook about his new glans ring. He said, "man, that glans ring is really hot!"

I responded: "Excellent! I thought you would like it! What's your favorite thing? Do you like the look of it, how it feels when you walk or how it feels when you have sex?"

Brad replied:  "I love the look on both erect and soft cock. I wear briefs or jocks usually, so not feeling very much when walking, but damn, the sex!!!! WOW, I love the extra stimulation on my cockhead."

The sex and stimulation even when just walking are what make a glans ring so amazing to wear (and they look hot too!)


Stacked Ball Weights and the Titan Glans Ring - "but damn, the sex!!!! WOW"


The stud with the big balls pictured above is not Brad (but maybe he'll send a pic soon?) However, he is wearing five 8 oz. ball stretchers on his huge ball sac for a total of 2.5 lbs. (1.13 kg). Not only does it tug and twist when you walk but during sex it results in delayed orgasm--and for many men even more cum than usual.

His Titan .6 head ring weighs down the head of his dick so he shows off his longest length even when flaccid. This is great especially when you are strolling through the nude beach or locker room. It also feels amazing--many guys refer to it as the "mini hand job in my pants."

Brad closed by saying, "What I really love so much about Gear Essentials is that it fits so perfectly that you are continuously aware that you are a man with a good firm cock AND at the same time it feels so comfortable."

And "damn, the sex!!!! Wow!"

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo submitted by customer. Brad is not pictured.)



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