Boned in His Master Cockring:  It pays to advertise


Sometimes you just have to whip it out and take care of business. Or use your hard cock as a signal that you are interested. Very interested.


Boned in His Master Cockring:  It pays to advertise


This stud is kept thick and hard in his Master cock ring. While any properly fitted cockring will keep your prick thicker, harder and more sensitive, the Master has a bold heft that makes any sexual activity better.

Kenn wrote:  "I love the Master! It is very comfortable. the slightest bit of arousal has me at full attention and gorged to peak performance."

We're betting there is going to be some peak performing later today!



Boned in His Master Cockring:  It pays to advertise


The Master penis ring is a solid favorite. It's a handful with a big, bold, squared designed. Yet the edges are rounded for your best comfort. This solid stainless steel ring is made in the USA and is available in brushed or mirrored finish.

You'll know you have it on your side. It will leave you at full attention and peak performance!

gear essentials...Sex is Better here. ENJOY!


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beautiful man and even more beautiful cock, what a master

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