The Art of (& 3 Reasons for) Manscaping


We received the following e-mail question a few days ago: “What is manscaping? Is it some sort of hair removal for the genital area? If so where can I get it? If not what do you suggest as an alternative method other than shaving with a razor?”

I suspect the question was sparked by the following comment from the January 28, 2014 blog, Four-Handed Massage Part II: PISTON 8 Oz. Ball Weight:

Every so often we will hear from a guy who complains about pubic hair getting pulled by his cock ring. Manscaping is the key to making it easier to put a cock ring on as well as being more comfortable to wear. (And of special note, guys: MANSCAPING MAKES YOUR JUNQUE LOOK BIGGER!) It is also easy to do quickly in the shower and it makes your dick feel smooth, soft and highly-touchable!

We also posted a lot of pictures of guys with shaved or short-trimmed pubes last week so this may have piqued this customer's interest.  It used to be that if you spotted a manscaped man at the gym or beach it was a clear signal that he was gay.  This is no longer the case.  Straight men have also gotten in on the game.  There is a saying, 'the shorter the grass the taller the tree.'  Apparently everyone is in on this secret now! 


Manscaping Technique #1:  Using a Razor and Shaving Cream


Manscaping is shaving or just trimming the hair around your genitals.  It can also include shaving your back, shoulders, abs, ass or chest.  There are a number of reasons for this.  Some 'clean up' to better show off their muscle definition.  Others feel self-conscious about having excess body hair (remember though--there are folks who are WAY into men with lots of body hair--we don't want to cheat them.  So to all of our Bear-fans and Bear-chaser fans, please forgive us )

At gear essentials, we focus more on shaving your cock and balls.  I always refer to it as having a 'clean runway'.  I don't want any obstruction to sexual pleasure.  But, in addition, I like the look, it makes my dick and balls appear to be larger than they are, I love the way my shaved balls and shaft feel AND it avoids pulling pubic hair when it gets caught between cock ring and thigh, or ball weights or any combination of mad metal man-accessories going on down there.



Chuck & Nick (From 2/1/14 Blog): 
Technique 2 (Chuck): Using an Electric Razor (Body or Beard) &
Technique 3 (Nick): Trimming the Bush Way Back ('Cock Mustache') & Shaving Shaft, Balls, Legs & Abs

Wearing the SurgeBLACK & Surge C Rings; PISTON Ball Weight by gear essentials


Personally I do manscape but I don’t keep my pubes as short as Chuck and Nick pictured above; however, I do shave my shaft and balls.  I shave these once a week in a warm shower.  This allows my balls to drop low so my sack is easy to shave without worrying about nicking (and bleeding). I use a Mach 3 in the shower--so everything is nice, warm and loose. It's actually kind of an erotic experience. PLUS my skin is silky smooth afterwards (like I need another excuse to touch myself!)

As for my bush, I keep it trimmed using a basic electric body shaver with a guard on it. I cannot shave my pubes because when I do I get ingrown hairs and break out (you can see some breaking out on Nick in the picture above). Keeping it trimmed works just as well for me.  (There is also something amazingly erotic about my short pubes brushing against the rough denim of my jeans--it feels so hot.) In the past I've also just used a scissors on my bush when I'm in a pinch and that works fairly well too. If you like it really short just shave without the blade guard on.



The Total Body Shave...Smooth as a Baby's BUTT!
Featuring the Titan .2 Glans Ring by gear essentials


The sailing stud pictured above is obviously into sculpting his body.  He likely shaves to show off his muscle definition (and we are enjoying the view).  However, some folks are weirded out by this--they want a little hair so they KNOW they are with a man. 

There are a couple of ways to do this.  You can have ball/shaft/pube waxing done (you can also wax other areas). Most major cities have salons that will wax men's private parts (but be sure to clarify this when you call to set up an appointment).  If you cannot find a salon near you, I know that you can often find this service on Craigslist. Note:  there may be a lot of pain involved.  (Think 40 Year-Old Virgin!)  But we're men!  We can handle it!


Completely Smooth (& A Bit Chilled!)
Wearing the 16 Oz. Ball Stretcher by gear essentials


Technique 5:  You can also use Nair--or any other depilatory available in your drug store.  (Nair is now marketing Nair for Men--so know that you are NOT alone in wanting to keep things neat and tidy.) This contains a liquid or cream that is put on any skin where you want to lose unwanted hair.  Test a small area before you use a depilatory though, it can feel 'burny' on sensitive skin. I tried it and didn't like it.  I went back to shaving with my Mach 3.


Trimmed Short & Neat in the Imperial Cock Ring by gear essentials


Does it seem like a lot of work--just one more thing on your body maintenance 'to do' list?

There are several good reasons for manscaping:

  1. Greater sensitivity to every tough, lick or lap on your balls and shaft.
  2. More 'inviting' for your partner(s) to get close, get down and get oral. (I refer to this as the 'clean runway'--make it inviting for landings!)
  3. No more pinching of hair in ball weights, cock rings, glans rings or any other man-accessories you have on down there. This also includes zipping up your pubes in your slacks when going commando. (Come on! Admit it--I KNOW I'm not the only one!)

Now this is all good unless your partner prefers a big hairy bush! In that case, find a compromise--you will both be glad you did!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos reblogged from Tumblr or by Jay Williams.)





realmen=hairy… My, my… someone’s insecurities are showing. Projection is definitely a condition in which we can discuss if needed. I do have time available.



Shaved cocks look like pussies, disgusting!! I refuse to suck a shaved or trimmed cock. REAL men have hairy bushes, not trimmed pussies.

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