Do you ever have those days when your boner will just NOT subside?  It can be tough getting through the day with a hard-on.  About all you can do is just adjust your dick so it's aimed at the sky and walk very carefully...

But what if you are wearing a cockring at the time and are afraid you cannot take it off?


Peeing with a Hard-On Is Tough Too.  Zac's Creative Solution with a Non-Stop Boner


The other day Gunther replied to the blog How to Put On a Cock Ring by asking:

"More importantly……. how do you take it off? I thought that the purpose of a ring was to maintain an erection. At some point you won’t need (or want) that blood flow trapped, right? I have heard stories about guys going into the emergency room with Gatorade bottles stuck on, not sure if they are legit stories but seems to make sense."


Wearing the Bottle? Really?!


Okay, I'll admit it. I'm an experimenter. I replied to Gunther: "Gunther! I wish you hadn’t written this—now I’m going to have to try on a Gatorade bottle!

"Seriously though, for most men the turgidity (or extreme hardness) of the cock diminishes after ejaculation (particularly after your mid-20’s). After a few minutes you become ‘deflated’ enough to slip the cock ring off if you want to (most guys don’t want to take it off).

"If you are in a situation where you continue to have an aching hard on (particularly someone who is quite young) you may have to try the ‘cold-shower-and-think-about-your-parents-having-sex’ method. As long as you remain calm and don’t get fixated on the fact that your cock is of super-human proportions and strength (and I say enjoy that while you’ve got it!) you will be fine. Frankly most of it is mental.

"As you wear a cock ring you will gain familiarity and a comfort level with it and this will not be an issue.

"Back to that Gatorade bottle—I suspect part of the issue is that the vacuum that is created in the bottle is also keeping the penis hard."

But I'm still going to have to try it...


Another Excuse to Post this Pic: A Non-Stop Boner in the Titan .4 C Ring. How do You Get it OFF?!


Apparently this is a pretty common fear. Another GearFan e-mailed us on Facebook asking: "What if it get stuck and i have an erection for an entire day. Seek medical attention for erection lasting more than 4 hours. Oh wait that's for Cialis."

I repeated my advice about a cold shower and thinking about your parents having sex. And I totally enjoyed his reply: "OK, don't have to worry about my dick falling off... cold shower parents have sex.. that should do it!"

Yup, that usually does the trick!

Enhance your boner and make it thicker, harder & more sensitive with a cock ring. You will wonder why you waited so long to experience the difference! You'll be able to get off--and get it off!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photos reblogged from Tumblr.)





Glad you are loving it, Jerry—& glad deflation is making it safe to wear! I am betting you will add a few more gear essentials’ rings to your collection! ENJOY! : )



OMG… How funny! Since I’ve received my NEW Titan .4 no problems with a never ending erection. Once I orgasm, then deflation occurs in just minutes. The Titan .4 what an awesome device. Why did I not buy one sooner? That is the question!

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