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Early February in the great white (as in snowy) North is a season of hiding your physique underneath layers of thermal, wool and down feathers. Yesterday a female friend commented that it just isn't right if your winter coat isn't as wide as it is tall this time of year. We all look like Stay-Puft marshmallow men.

This is great if you are trying to hide the extra 15 pounds from the holidays but if you are trying to show it all off, it just isn't happening. Personally I enjoy the feeling of freedom without underwear but those cold drafts blowing up your pants are a real drawback.

Case in point: yesterday I wore not one but TWO pairs of underwear. I also wrapped my chilled balls in my leather ball sack (it was many degrees below zero here). I felt a bit stiff-legged walking and trying to urinate was like getting into Ft. Knox with all the thermal shirts tucked into layers of underwear. This calls for some serious planning ahead.

I am missing going commando and FREE BALLIN!

I have especially noticed it this week because I have been stacking weights. I am determined to be able to wear a 32 ounce ball weight to International Mr. Leather this coming May. While I love the feeling of the weight on my balls, having multiple ball stretchers on underneath three layers of clothing can lead to some uncomfortable situations. (I’ll admit, I practice a lot of discrete adjusting.) I can wear my 8 ounce ball weight under anything and have no pinching (even when combined with a wide cock ring). However, add some more bandwidth to that and I am liable to run into trouble. This is more the case when I am stuck sitting at my desk for long periods. Everything gets bunched up. Rarely do I have this problem when I am on my feet.


Free-Ballin': Two Stacked 8 Oz. Ball Weights by gear essentials


The guy pictured above could easily put on a 32 ounce ball stretcher. He has a great set of low-hangers! However, he has chosen to stack two 8 ounce ball weights for a total of one pound hanging on his balls. This gives a great erogenous tug and twist to his nuts!

Most of the guys commenting on our website say that you don't really start to notice dramatic increase in the drop of your ball sac until you get to the 24 ounce size. This week I've spent a lot of time in my 16 ounce with a few hours of stacking my 8 ounce on top of that every day. I can tell you that even the 16 ounce weight has shown a marked improvement in how low my balls are hanging--even with the cold weather factor!

Dennis from Nova Scotia left the following comment about his 16 ounce ball stretchers on “I'm enjoying the 16oz ball weight that I bought and hoping to buy more, I wear it all day at work and night in bed. I'm love the pulling from it the only thing I have to get use to is putting it on.”

That is probably the most daunting thing about ball weights: how to get the suckers on without drawing blood! When I first started wearing them (and I started with an 8 ounce which is by far the easiest size) it took me a bit to get into it. I found it was easiest after a shower when my balls were hot and hanging low. (The ball sac is designed to rise and fall depending on the temperature. Its job is to keep all that sperm happy at the proper temperature. But we want it as low as possible when we pop the ball weight on—that’s why we suggest a hot shower first.) I can now get my 8 ounce on in seconds. The 16 ounce takes a bit more time because I have to fit my balls through a longer ‘tunnel’.

It is easiest to expand to the next size by adding the 8 ounce (1/2” bandwidth) weight. I can wear a 24 ounce stretcher (but that is even tougher for me to get on) but it is much easier to insert my 8 ounce above my 16 ounce after it is already on. I just pull my 16 ounce ball weight as low as it will go and hold my balls stretched away from my body. Then I slide one half of the 8 ounce ball stretcher behind my balls and slide the other half in front. It takes a bit of maneuvering to ensure that the thin skin of my ball sack doesn’t get pinched between the two halves but it goes relatively quickly. Once on, I stand back and admire how my balls swing! The feeling is awesome!

Steve from Arizona wrote: “Jay is there any talk of a 40oz? Bigger is better, I thought the 24oz was awesome (and it is) but the 32oz is mind blowing. I definitely had to work up to the 32oz, it wasn't a size I could wear day one. I couldn't really see the smaller weights stretching my ball sack, but the 32oz there is a definite stretch that is noticeable when I take it off. Nothing like a big sloppy ball sack:) Just as the 24oz, the orgasms are mind blowing…”


 Free Ballin’: FOUR Stacked 16 Oz. Ball Weights = 4 LBS!


Steve said it: “Bigger is better!” He is enjoying the mind-blowing impact of the weight on his balls. Not only does the tug, twist and pull feel amazing but orgasms really are more intense.

I know that free ballin’ season will be back soon and I am looking forward to it! Then I can stack to my heart’s content and not worry about the pinching. My glans ring feels so much better than too!

Are you ready for free ballin’ season?

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




[Special thanks to Jerry M. who wrote: I just thought of you... That one Tom Petty song was going through my mind... Free Falling... how about Free Balling with a ball weight. hope all is well and your keeping warm! :-) Did I mention that I love my Titan .4? Well I do. Just thought you would like to know. Worn it everday at work and it feels amazing. I think that when I dont wera it, I will feel naked.” I completely stole “Free Ballin’” from Jerry—but I told him I was going to! Thanks, Jerry!]



(Photos submitted by customer.)



Steven Rees

Steven Rees

That looks amazing! I have in the past put weight s on my balls.



Since I began wearing a ball weight I have discovered just how tough, strong and resilient my scrotum really is. On a cold morning, it has a mind of its own and I have to wait until later when I am warm and relaxed to fit my ball weight. I’ve been able to go from just a few minutes before discomfort sets in to 6-8 hours and I am looking forward to all day wear in warmer weather. The psychological feeling is great. Yeah, I have a pound of steel swinging between my legs and my balls are out there where they can be noticed and appreciated. I feel hot, virile, confident and ready to take what I want. I wore it all night and early this morning, clamped it onto my partner as I traded for the Master cockring.

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