Stacking Ball Weights:  A Customer's Photo Diary


A few days ago we received an e-mail from a GearFan, Motoguy001, praising gear essentials'ball weights.

He wrote: "So far I love them. I put them on as soon as I got em. 40 oz feels awesome. Need a little more stretch to get my 8oz on with. Have some pics idk if u want to blog them or not."

I assured Motoguy001 that we would very much like to share his pics with our GearFans. See them below.

Step One: Motoguy001 Wearing His 24 Ounce (1 1/2" Bandwidth) Ball Weight by gear essentials


Pictured above is Motoguy001 in his single 24 ounce ball weight. This size has a bandwidth of 1 ½ inch. It is designed in two halves (which is why it is also known as a split ring ball weight) that securely fastens with an Allen screw. The first time I put one on it took me a minute or two to get the skin of my ball sac out of the way (getting pinched is NOT cool) and the screw tightened. Now I can do it in seconds. A few months ago I road-tested a magnetic ball weight and it kept popping off (I was wearing a cock ring as well). 8 ounces of ball weight (one half of the magnetic ball weight) landing on my foot was not a good thing! The gear essentials’ weights are much more secure for wearing during the day or for play.


Step Two: Motoguy001 Stacks a 16 Oz. Weight on Top of His 24 Oz. Ball Stretcher


Pictured above is Motoguy001 with a 16 ounce ball weight stacked on top of his 24 ounce ball stretcher for a total of 40 ounces (2 ½ lbs.) hanging over his balls. That is some serious tug and stretch!

In a subsequent e-mail Motoguy001 added: "I thought it would be a bit much but slid right on. Wish it was summer time tho. For obvious reasons." He is referring to the benefit of warm weather on our balls. As the temperature rises the male scrotum lowers to keep the sperm cooler than body temperature. This is why we often suggest that you put your ball stretcher on after taking a hot shower—your ball sac is at its lowest meaning it is far easier to secure your weights.

The next day Motoguy001 sent another message: "Jay. Ended up a little bored this morning and got my 8 oz on with it. I'll attach pic. Its intense. 3 pounds !!"

(I don’t know about Motoguy001, but I sure get in a lot of trouble when I’m bored!)

Here is the last pic Motoguy001 sent:


Step Three: Slipping an 8 Oz. Weight on Top of His Other Ball Weights


The added 8 ounces puts Motoguy001 at 3 lbs. of weight on his nads! You are definitely going to notice this as you move—whether just walking or fucking your partner.

The ability to slip another 8 ounce ball weight between your shaft and the ball weight you are already wearing is one of the reasons we love this slim ball weight. For example, when I wanted to move up to a 24 ounce weight, I was not able to get the 24 ounce ball weight on. However, I could easily get my 16 ounce weight on—and after a few hours of wear I could then easily slip my 8 ounce ball stretcher between my dick and the 16 ounce I was already wearing.

Moving up to the next level ratcheted up the intensity. It is awesome!

Not sure why you would wear a ball weight? We love the feeling AND our orgasms with them on. Check out our reasons for wearing a ball weight on our February 2, 2014 blog @

Want to see more of Motoguy001 (and his NEW Prince Albert)? Check out his Tumblr account at (Don’t forget that we have one too!)

Enjoy the stacking!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!


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    (Photos by Motoguy001.)





    I started with a gear essentials 1.5lb split ring and kept adding them!
    For the last 2 years I have worn at least 2lbs 24/7
    And yes I have photos here



    Wow, dougnick—that’s impressive! What size did you start with? What have you done to stretch that far (7"!) in 3 years? I know we have folks who would like to know. (…AND do you have pictures!) ; ) Thanks for your comment.



    I have been using gear essential split rings for over 3 years and I love them….I want maximum stretch and can now get 7" at 7lbs on easily!



    Awesome. I’m not nearly there yet but my 16oz is awesome. The best part about it for me is in leaving the wrench at home when I leave the house, knowing it’s locked on and can’t be taken off.

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