Show Your Colors:  Anodized C Rings


These rings were made to be noticed! 

These cockrings were a huge hit for us at the last International Mr. Leather (IML). 

Crafted of solid aluminum right here in Minnesota (USA), the comfortable, light-weight rings are then dipped to produce a striking  blue or red finish.  Available only in the Screw Series, you can get yours in the Quarter Screw (.3 inches / 8mm), Half Screw (see the photo below, .6 inches / 15 mm) or Full Screw (see the bottom picture, .9 inches / 23 mm).

These rings are perfect for wearing under tight clothing (particularly the Quarter and Half Screws).  They are so light and comfortable that you might just forget you have it on (until things get exciting--then you will HUGELY appreciate the support!)  Plus you will feel how much thicker and better supported your dick is.


Escaping the Jock:  The Red Anodized Half Screw by gear essentials


But don't take our word for it.  Here's what Jimmy from Minneapolis wrote on "I bought the Half Screw in red because I already had the Full Screw in blue (which I also just reviewed). I also bought it to match a jock strap. :) This ring is super comfortable and so lightweight I almost forget it's there! I think I prefer the Half because I don't get my sensitive skin caught like I sometimes do with the Full. The red is a little darker than the photo, but that's doesn't matter to me....the color is very nice. Like I said in my other review, I'd love some other colors too. Another great ring from the boys at Gear!"

(Regarding other colors, we have tested quite a few but haven't been able to master the right hue.  Because of the aluminum beneath, they can come across as being 'bubble gum' colors.  But we're still working on it!)

Why is it so comfortable?  This is due to our exclusive interior comfort rim--so it is easy for work-all-day / play-all-night wear!  You may never want to take it off!


What Lies Beneath:  The Anodized Full Screw C Ring by gear essentials


Jeff from Canada also wrote a review:  "I have worn my Full Screw Anodized C-Ring for a month now and really enjoy the features of it. I bought the blue and red.

"If you want to make your package look huge, get the Full Screw C-Ring. It makes your boys hang like a pair of hush puppy ears, very noticable through your clothes."


What is Anodizing?

Anodizing is an electrolytic passivation process in which a coat of color is added to the solid aluminum ring. The process finishes the metal and is environmentally-friendly. The by-products contain no heavy metals, halogens or volatile organic compounds. In addition to vibrant color, the process hardens the surface and thereby increases corrosion and wear resistance.

Show your colors and your personal style. And discover the power of the anodized Screw penis rings!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photos re-blogged from Tumblr. Photos are not of Jeff or Jimmy. Quantities are limited.)



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