Want to get lucky? Check out the Engraved Celtic Master by gear essentials.

One of the effects of a cock ring is that it keeps your dick at its fullest and thickest--even when you are flaccid. Blood flows into your dick and is restricted from leaving by your penis ring. This keeps you fuller and thicker. It’s a total ego boost—and increases your chances of getting lucky!  So why not increase the odds!

And then, when you do get aroused you will be even larger than usual. Both you and your partner will benefit by having better, more sensitive and intense sex.  It's no wonder that the engraved cock rings from gear essentials are the number one gifted cock rings by women to the men in their lives!


Celtic Engraved Master:  Bringing the Luck of the Irish to Men for the Last Decade!


We love the weight, fit and feel of this amazing cockring. Many of our customers do too. Dave from Eastern Washington wrote, "Amazing fit and looks great and no defects. Looks exactly like the picture and is comfortable. The size ordered fits well. I highly recommend this product. YEEHAW"

You can grab a piece of YEEHAW for your piece too!

JB from Texas added, "Nice fit, stays snug despite the weight. I like the finish and Celtic engraved finish. Much better look than a lot of plated c-rings." (And unlike plated chrome rings, this ring is solid stainless steel so it won't pit and peel--meaning it is MUCH safer for your tender parts.)



Celtic Master Luck:  Keep Your Shillelagh Thicker & Longer


The beauty of the engraved cock rings by gear essentials is that they are not found on your average guy. We recognize that not all men are created equal. Show your unique style and enjoy the luck of the Irish! This isn't just a load of blarney--each of our engraved cock rings is meticulously handcrafted of the finest solid stainless steel and then hand-etched. The Celtic design pictured above is etched on the Master penis ring. The Master ring features a .6 inch (15 mm) wide squared design with rounded edges for insanely good comfort. This is not a light ring. And this is why the folks on the receiving end of your shillelagh love it! The 8 ounce (228 gram) weight adds power to your thrust AND adds delightful pressure to your partner's erogenous zones (depending on your positioning). The Celtic will leave them seeing shooting stars and rainbows! And you know what the treasure is at the end of that rainbow, right?

You probably don't need the luck of the Irish--but it sure can't hurt!

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





(Photos provided by customers.)



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